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Adventures in the Forgotten Realms

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Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons are two of the most popular IP’s in gaming. The two games — both published by Wizards of the Coast — have massive audience crossover; in fact, Magic was initially conceived as a quick game for D&D groups to play during breaks.

This summer, the twin franchises have finally come together. Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, Magic‘s Summer 2021 set, is out now on MTG Arena and Magic Online, as well as tabletop.

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Forgotten Realms Products

Like all major Magic expansions, Forgotten Realms has a robust product line featuring a variety of booster products.

Draft Boosters

Draft Boosters contain 36 packs and are intended for drafting.

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Set Boosters

For when you just want to crack some packs! Set Boosters contain art cards, dedicated foil slots, and other unique features.

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Collector Boosters

If you’re looking for foil or alternate-art cards, these boosters are for you!

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Theme Boosters

Kickstart your deck building process with 35-card Theme Boosters!

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Your Forgotten Realms starter kit. 10 Draft Booster packs, basic lands, and accessories, all in a sturdy, reusable box.

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Commander Decks

Additionally, Forgotten Realms features four preconstructed Commander decks. These decks are a good first purchase for new Commander players, but they also contain 62 new cards and reprints that longtime Commander fans will love.

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Card Types & Frames

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms is full of cards that pay homage to Dungeons & Dragons. But the set doesn’t just communicate the D&D feel through characters and card names — the visuals themselves evoke massive monsters, dungeon crawls, and seminal D&D texts.

Dungeon Cards

Dungeons are a new card type that Wizards revealed on DailyMTG on June 24th. These cards go in the command zone rather than your library or sideboard.

You can only access dungeons or progress through them if you play a card with the ability “venture into the dungeon.” Wizards revealed a few common creatures with the ability…

…as well as a few legendary adventurers! This Human Bard and Dragonborn Paladin are ready to go on a dungeon crawl.

Rulebook & Module Cards

AFR features some unique card treatments that will transport you back to the times you spent poring over your Monster Manual.

Rulebook cards are a special “showcase” variant that appear on 51 cards in the set. According to Wizards, these cards can be found in Draft, Set, and Collector Boosters in foil and non-foil.

Module cards are another special treatment that appear in Draft, Set, and Collector Boosters. Nine lands in the set feature this look, including the Evolving Wilds above.


Finally, we wanted to answer a few frequently asked questions we’ve received about this set.

What about the Core Set? Forgotten Realms replaces the Core Set in Magic‘s 2021 release schedule. The soonest we’ll see another Core Set is Summer 2022.

Is D&D‘s storyline part of the Magic canon now? At time of writing, no, but Wizards is keeping the possibility open for the future!

Is this expansion part of Universes Beyond? Nope! Wizards has stated that Universes Beyond will exclusively feature IP’s not owned by the company. Forgotten Realms is a crossover between two Wizards properties, so it’s its own thing entirely.

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