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Welcome back to the blog! Today, we’ll be continuing our series on our Card Kingdom Affiliates by introducing you to our newest partner: Rhystic Studies!

Sam has been creating YouTube videos since August of 2013, and has quickly become one of Magic‘s most respected content creators. Whether he’s expounding on the cultural significance of Lightning Bolt or analyzing Raymond Swanland’s artistic techniques, Sam’s work is always informative, persuasive, and entertaining. He’s one of our community’s most gifted storytellers, and his passion for Magic‘s history is evident in everything he does.

We asked Sam a few questions over email and learned quite a bit about his background as a student of the arts. In college, he double-majored in Spanish and Italian and is currently working toward a doctorate in Italian Studies, so he spends a lot of time thinking about art and film. “This gives me a good gateway to do research on similar topics when they come up for my videos,” he said. “Although I have no formal training in art, I also do enjoy drawing myself, so I do my best to approach my analyses from the artists’ perspective. How did he or she make this? What were they thinking? What was the process like?” He also named Magic art expert Mike Linnemann one of his greatest influences and mentors.

Since he launched his Patreon campaign last September, Sam’s artistic output has significantly increased, and he currently releases two new videos every month. He’d like to continue growing his channel at a “slow and steady pace.” “I just want to keep producing really solid work that I’m proud of and that beckons my creativity and interests,” he said.

If you’d like to help us support Sam, you can subscribe to his YouTube channel and use the affiliate code “Studies” when you make your next purchase from Card Kingdom.

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