Card Kingdom Deck Builder Update

Card Kingdom Deck Builder Update

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No matter what format you play, building a deck is a fundamental part of the Magic process. But once you finally have a list together, searching up each card and putting it into your cart can be a bit tedious. Well, fortunately we have a solution that should save you a lot of time so you can focus more on playing: the newly updated Card Kingdom Deck Builder!

Meet the Deck Builder

Found under the Magic: The Gathering drop down menu, right near the advanced search option, this powerful tool will help you order all the cards you need fast. 

First, either type the cards you’re looking for into the deck list box or paste the entire deck list in. Then, make sure you have all the filters set according to your needs. There are options for pricing, card matching, availability, acceptable conditions and more.

After that, just hit the search button, sit back and relax! But not for too long, because your results will be ready in a matter of seconds.

Once your cards are found, you can simply add them right into your cart for easy purchase. However, the Deck Builder can also help you hone your selection a bit, too! To start, you can sort the cards by the deck list’s order, alphabetically, card type, price or by what’s not available at the moment.

Then, beneath each individual card is a dropdown menu that you can open to see all the different versions available. Just tinker with the quantity and the card(s) will be added or subtracted from your order.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Deck Builder isn’t actually just for deck lists. It’s more than capable of pulling together everything you need for a custom cube to a specific list of cards you want to add to your collection. Our goal is to save you time no matter what you’re looking to buy.

And speaking of buying, once everything is added into your cart and ready to go, you just need to check out. Then, you’ll be crushing foes and pulling off sweet combos in no time!

Finding the Right Deck

Thanks to Card Kingdom’s updated Deck Builder, finding the right list is now the trickier part of the process! That said, we have a lot of resources to make that easier, too.

To start, the Card Kingdom blog is full of articles that either teach you how to build decks on your own or simply include full lists! Whether you play Standard or Commander, we have something for everyone. 

In addition, our friends over at Moxfield, EDHRec and MTGGoldfish (or any of your favorite deck list hosting sites) can help you out. These sites all offer ways to export pre-existing lists and pop them right into our Deck Builder to help get the cards in your hands as soon as possible.

End Step

Whether you’re picking up your latest Commander deck or getting ready for your next Friday Night Magic, Card Kingdom’s updated Deck Builder will save you tons of time and make sure you’re getting the cards you need. If you do encounter any issues with it, please contact customer support and we’ll be happy to help!