Thanksgiving Commander Deck Tech

A Thanksgiving Commander Deck Tech

Jacob Lackner Commander

With Thanksgiving later this week, I thought it would be fun to take a break from my usual “This Day in Magic History” column and instead write a Thanksgiving-related article. In this post, I’m going to give you a deck tech for my Thanksgiving-inspired Commander deck! The Host A Thanksgiving Commander deck definitely has to be about Food, so who …

Urza's Iron Alliance Commander Precon Upgrade Guide

Urza’s Iron Alliance Commander Precon Upgrade Guide

Tom Anderson Commander

Commander is a more powerful, established format these days, and the average deck is simply much stronger than it was in the early years of Commander precons. While that may have pushed designers in the past to keep pace, The Brothers’ War features the perfect, powerful character from Magic’s 30-year history to lean on: Urza. And while Urza’s Iron Alliance …

Mishra's Burnished Banner Commander Precon Upgrade Guide

Mishra’s Burnished Banner Commander Precon Upgrade Guide

Chris Cornejo Commander

The Brothers’ War is upon us! Prereleases have just passed, and the set drops this weekend. With it, we get the two themed Commander decks from the set, each helmed by one of the fabled brothers, Urza and Mishra. These decks feature old borders on every card, evoking the historic (in multiple senses of the word) nature of these decks. While …

Modern Spotlight Domain Zoo

Domain Zoo is Burning up Modern

Michael Rapp Modern

Wow, an article about Zoo in…2022? No, you haven’t fallen into some kind of time hole back to 2015. Modern Domain Zoo is, dare I say, good again.  Wild Nacatl is back at it, Ragavan is simply a superior monkey to Kird Ape and if you squint hard enough, Territorial Kavu looks like Tarmogoyf. Plus, the upgrades continue, Leyline Binding …