Card Kingdom Partners with MagiKids

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Think about the first Magic: The Gathering cards you ever owned – the building blocks for the collection you have today. Maybe you went down to your local card shop and bought some booster packs, or maybe a generous friend gave you a box of cards they didn’t need. Those cards gave you your first taste of Magic, your first deck-building opportunities, and your first play experiences. You might not be a Magic player without them.

We know how important a first Magic collection can be, especially to young people who are just learning the game. Today, we’re proud to announce a new partnership with MagiKids – a non-profit organization that provides cards to after-school Magic clubs.

About MagiKids

MagiKids is a Minnesota-based charity that has developed a unique curriculum for after-school Magic clubs. Each child receives a kit that includes unsorted cards, accessories, and instructions on how to get started. Using MagiKids’ “Sort, Build, Play” model, kids sort their new collection, build unique decks, and learn to play together.

MagiKids’ curriculum exposes kids to the colors and themes of Magic and allows them to take ownership of their collections. Along the way, kids learn valuable skills like reading comprehension, math, problem-solving, and how to be part of a community of players. MagiKids hopes that, through their efforts, after-school Magic clubs will become as ubiquitous as chess clubs.

You may have seen MagiKids around the Magic community, running Learn-to-Play events at MagicFests. They also created the popular Oathbreaker format, which you can learn about here.

In partnering with MagiKids, Card Kingdom will donate cards to help put more kits in the hands of more young mages. We’ll also be organizing events to benefit MagiKids through Engage, our charitable giving arm; stay tuned for more info to come!

For more resources – including how you can become a teacher with MagiKids – visit