All the volunteers helping MagiKids

Making Magic Happen for MagiKids

Jason KrellCommunity

Twenty Wizards of the Coast employees sat in an assembly line at Card Kingdom’s Ballard Campus, sorting cards and packing boxes for a few hours on a sunny Seattle afternoon. Some sorted commons from uncommons or separated out basic land cards. Others pulled card sleeves and deck boxes together for each of the 100 kits the volunteers constructed. In that …

The meaning of Community in Magic

The Meaning of Community in Magic

Anna VolbrechtCommunity, Fundraiser

Magic has its fair share of luminaries — faces we all know and perspectives we all care about. We gather inspiration from Rhystic Studies videos and the musings of Mark Rosewater. We marvel at the plays of Pro Tour champions and crack packs alongside the LoadingReadyRun crew. These individuals help shape the Magic community and give us a place to …

Card Kingdom & Command Zone Pledge to Raise $20K for MagiKids

Card KingdomFundraiser

As Magic: The Gathering goes back to school this spring with the release of Strixhaven: School of Mages, our friends at the Command Zone podcast are working to put Magic cards in the hands of more young people. During the month of April, the Command Zone pledged to raise $10,000 for MagiKids – an organization that provides cards and educational …

Card Kingdom Partners with MagiKids

Card KingdomCommunity

Think about the first Magic: The Gathering cards you ever owned – the building blocks for the collection you have today. Maybe you went down to your local card shop and bought some booster packs, or maybe a generous friend gave you a box of cards they didn’t need. Those cards gave you your first taste of Magic, your first …