Commander 2020 Shipping Delays

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Update, May 26th, 2020:

We are pleased to share that the vast majority* of Commander 2020 preorders have shipped. The status of your preorder should now display as “shipped” and you should have tracking information. We sincerely appreciate your patience as we procured more decks and worked to fulfill the remaining orders.

We are working on securing more Commander 2020 product and will keep you updated when we do. We have a limited number of singles available for purchase at this time

*We have a small number of orders still pending. These orders have non-Commander 2020 cards that are out of stock and will ship as soon as those cards are available.

In the last several months, COVID-19 has posed many challenges for small businesses, and Card Kingdom has been rising to them. When Washington state issued its “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” mandate in late March, we adjusted our operational procedures in compliance – and, most importantly, to keep our employees healthy and safe. We enacted stricter workplace sanitation protocols, moved to a skeleton crew to maintain minimum basic operations, and leveraged work-from-home options whenever possible. You can read more about our COVID-19 response, and current ship times here

While we’ve done our best to deliver cards quickly, we’ve had to deal with many factors outside our control. COVID-19 has caused supply chain issues throughout the world, including in our industry, and these issues have affected our Commander 2020 presale. 

Back in April, we learned of some product delays with Commander 2020 that would prevent us from fulfilling orders on time. We found out that we would only receive 50% of the Commander 2020 product we had ordered by the May 15th street date, so we chose to suspend our presale to prevent overselling. While ending our presale early was not ideal for us or for our customers, we knew this would give us enough product to cover all our Commander 2020 preorders and have some in reserve as we waited for more information. 

Unfortunately, earlier this week, we learned that the initial estimate was inaccurate, and that we will receive less than 20% of the Commander 2020 product we ordered in time for the May 15th release. This means that most of our Commander 2020 preorders will be delayed until we receive enough product to fulfill them. 

We understand that this is disappointing and inconvenient for our customers, affiliates, and our employees, who were looking forward to playing with these new cards. Playing games with family or roommates can provide a welcome sense of normalcy in abnormal circumstances, and we will do our best to provide that for our customers as soon as product is available to us. 

We have chosen not to cancel any of our Commander 2020 preorders and plan to fulfill them when we have the product in hand. We’ve made this decision so that we can honor the original price that our customers paid for this product. We’re aware that market prices for Commander 2020 have risen due to scarcity, and we want to ensure that our customers get this product for the price they expected to pay when they preordered from us.  

Of note, these product delays have not affected our Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths presale. Release operations for Ikoria are already underway in our warehouse, and we look forward to getting those cards into players’ hands in the coming weeks. 

We’d like to give a heartfelt thanks to all the customers who have placed orders in the last several weeks and who have been patient with us as we’ve faced the challenges of COVID-19. We’ve included an FAQ below for any customers whose Commander 2020 preorders have been impacted.  


How will I know if my presale order is delayed?  

We will reach out to you next week via email to inform you of the delay. We are still determining if there is any way we can get more product, to fulfill as many orders as possible.  

Okay, my order was delayed. When will I get it?  

As soon as we get more Commander product in, we will be fulfilling remaining the orders. We are hoping to get more product the week of release, but we are still waiting for confirmation from our vendors.  

Will my box price or order total change because of this?  

No, you will be billed at the same price as when you placed your order.  

How are orders being fulfilled?   

We are fulfilling them based on availability and date of placement.  

What options do I have? Do I need to do anything? Can I cancel my order?  

At this time, you can wait to see if your order ships on 5/15. If we do not have stock available to ship, we’ll be in contact with further information.  

If you wish to cancel your order, we can assist you with that. Otherwise, we will honor and fulfill your existing order as soon as we have stock available.

My order contains items other than Commander 2020. Will my entire order be delayed?  

We are unable to partially ship orders. If you receive an email saying that your Commander 2020 order is delayed, and that order contains other products, the full order will be delayed. We will not ship orders containing Commander 2020 products until we have Commander 2020 stock available.