Commander Kingdom Decklists: February 2021

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Kaldheim is out now, and there are plenty of new Commander cards to play with. What has our latest group of guests brought to Commander Kingdom?

Check out a recording of the episode below, and get our guests’ decklists after the jump.

Ben’s Vega, the Watcher

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Well, one of our guests has brought a new commander from Kaldheim! The Vega Bus is coming, and Ben Ulmer is jumping onboard. This deck has plenty of spells with abilities like flashback, rebound and suspend to take advantage of the owl’s ability, plus it has a neat mill subtheme.

Chase’s The Locust God

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Chase may be one of the Commander community’s most prolific deck-builders, but she’s bringing an old favorite to battle today. Her Locust God deck uses Wheel of Fortune effects to draw tons of extra cards and overrun players with insects.

Tomer’s The Ur-Dragon

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Tomer builds decks for players on any budget over at MTGGoldfish, and today, he’s brought a deck for every creature type. This five-color Ur-Dragon build is what he likes to call “Tribal Tribal”: it’s full to the brim with changelings… I mean, dragon-elemental-dwarf-slivers.

Chris’s Sarulf, Realm Eater

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Correction: Ben’s not the only one playing a Commander from Kaldheim. Commander Kingdom host Chris is representing Team Card Kingdom with Sarulf, Realm Eater. This pup is bound to pick up a lot of counters over the course of the game!

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