Commander Kingdom Decklists: January 2021

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2021 is here, and Commander Kingdom is still going strong! We’re excited to bring you more Commander gameplay streams with your favorite Magic creators in the new year.

To kick things off, we’ve invited Princess Weekes, Ashlen Rose, and Tappy Toe Claws to play some games with us this month. See how the match went below, and read on to get all our guests’ decklists.

Ashlen’s Doran, the Siege Tower

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Ashlen likes creatures with high toughness, and she cannot lie. Her Doran, the Siege Tower deck goes all-in on defensive creatures, with enchantments like Assault Formation and board wipes that destroy creatures with high power.

Princess’s Gisa and Geralf

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Writer Princess Weekes has brought a tribal zombies deck to battle today. Her Gisa and Geralf list includes iconic zombie-centric cards like Endless Ranks of the Dead and Rooftop Storm, as well as plenty of ways to sacrifice her creatures for value.

Tappy’s Gishath, Sun’s Avatar

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The Magic community’s resident velociraptor, Tappy Toe Claws, has brought an on-brand deck to do battle with today. Like Princess, she’s brought a tribal creature deck to play — in this case, tribal dinosaurs!

Chris’s Rin and Seri, Inseparable

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Cats and dogs, living together? It’s more likely than you’d think, thanks to Card Kingdom Producer Chris’s Commander deck.

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