Commander Masters Early Look

Commander Masters Early Look

Chris CornejoCommander

Commander Masters presale on starts today! The joke for a while has been that every supplemental set is just meant to add cards to Commander, but this set is explicitly meant to do exactly that! Featuring a ton of reprints (including new art treatments) and four Commander decks each with 10 new-to-Magic cards, we’ve gathered everything we know about the multiplayer-themed set so far! 


First off, when can you get your hands on the cards? Here’s a timeline for what’s happening when: 

  • Presale begins at July 5 
  • Debut and Previews Begin: July 11 
  • Commander Deck Previews: July 17–20 
  • Card Image Galleries Complete: July 21 
  • Pre-Prerelease with Loading Ready Run: July 22 
  • WPN Premium Store Preview Events: July 28–30 
  • Command Zone Podcast’s Extra Turns Gameplay: August 2 
  • Global Tabletop Launch: August 4 

The Set 

Despite being designed for Commander, Commander Masters is a fully draftable set, as shown by these nifty Draft Boosters and Draft Booster Boxes: 

For some special art options, you can also grab Set or Collector Boosters and Boxes: 

And as mentioned before, we have four Commander decks coming along with the set as well, with the face Commanders being one of the ten new-to-Magic cards that come in each deck! 

First up, the first colorless Commander Precon, Eldrazi Unbound, featuring Zhulodok, Void Gorger: 

Next, we have Enduring Enchantments, a White-Black-Green deck led by Anikthea, Hand of Erebos: 

Reaching deep into the lore, next up is the Red-White-Blue Planeswalker Party led by the incomparable Commodore Guff

And finally, a Precon featuring a feared creature type at casual tables, the five color Sliver Swarm, headed by the Sliver Gravemother: 

The Display variants come in the decks and are printed on thicker cardstock, making them illegal in Sanctioned play. But how do you go about getting the Extended Art variants of the Commanders? 

Booster Fun 

The Extended art Commanders can be found in Collector Boosters, but that’s not all that’s hiding in there. Textured and Etched foils lie within as well!

Meanwhile alternate art and borderless treatments of the cards are available in both Set and Collector Boosters: 

End Step 

The Presale for Commander Masters is already live at, and more previews start coming next Tuesday! This set isn’t going to be coming to Arena, so make sure to get your hands on real paper cards while the getting is good!