Commander Masters Early Look

Commander Masters Early Look

Chris Cornejo Commander

Commander Masters presale on starts today! The joke for a while has been that every supplemental set is just meant to add cards to Commander, but this set is explicitly meant to do exactly that! Featuring a ton of reprints (including new art treatments) and four Commander decks each with 10 new-to-Magic cards, we’ve gathered everything we know about …

March of the Machine Predictions

March of the Machine Predictions

Chris Cornejo Magic Story

The story reveal and previews for March of the Machine are just around the corner, so you know what that means: time for me to make some predictions that we’ll very quickly get to see how wrong I am about! Elspeth’s Angelic Fate  There’s a lot of lore out there about Elspeth’s connections to Magic’s angels; just look at her …

The 10 Best Alternate-Art Judge Foils in Magic

The 10 Best Alternate-Art Judge Foils in Magic

Chris Cornejo Community

There’s been a proliferation of fancy new art treatments for cards recently, with alternate frames, different foiling processes and tons of booster fun. But there’s one promo that remains attainable only by acquiring enough dedication, knowledge and passion for the game to become part of the very fabric of playing Magic itself… or just getting one of those folks to …

March of the Machine: Early Look

March of the Machine: An Early Look

Chris Cornejo Design, Products, Standard

With Phyrexia: All Will Be One fully released into the wild, and the resulting disaster of the Planeswalkers’ ill-fated foray into the metal plane ready to play out, it’s time to look at what comes next. March of the Machine is the next Standard set in the Magic storyline, and here’s a look at what we know so far.  The …

Fringe Format – Dandân

Chris Cornejo Community, Design

Some fringe formats thrive off individual expression, or playing the most powerful cards in Magic, or both. Anyway, here’s Chris with Dandân. Many fringe formats of Magic center around either a creature with evocative abilities and lore (Momir Vig) or a group of linked creatures so emblematic of an aspect of the game that they can’t be ignored (The Elder …

State of Standard

Chris Cornejo Standard

Standard! That’s right, an article about the state of Standard! Back in the days of the old Pro Tour, Standard was the constructed format of three out of every four of them. A powerhouse format, driving much of the conversation in constructed Magic, and making up the majority of high-level competitive play, nearly every Friday Night Magic had an option for Standard …

Fringe Format: Battle Box

Chris Cornejo Community, Design

It’s time for another Fringe Format! This time Chris takes a look at a format that could be called two-player Cube: Battle Box! Battle Box is probably not a format that a ton of folks out there know about. But if you like playing Limited Magic, and specifically Cube, it’s one you should get to know. Mostly because Battle Box …

Fable of the Mirror-Breaker: The Saga of Kikki-Jikki

Chris Cornejo Design, Legacy, Magic Story, Modern, Pioneer, Standard

Sagas, in Magic and in life, are meant to tell a story. While sagas are among the oldest forms of formalized storytelling that exist in human history, in Magic, they’re pretty new. First appearing in Dominaria in 2018, they’ve appeared every year since. They almost missed 2019, but Urza’s Saga in Modern Horizons kept the streak going. They have now …

Classic Artists in Double Masters 2022

Chris Cornejo Community

Double Masters 2022 is a reprint set, which means old cards get fancy new art…sometimes from some familiar names! Being a set composed entirely of reprints, Double Masters 2022 can’t give us much that counts as purely new. All the cards already exist (with a lone exception for Cryptic Spires), so while previews allow for excitement over some welcome reprints, there’s …

Displacer Kitten Combos

Chris Cornejo Commander, Legacy

Displacer Kitten is the focus of a lot of conversation ever since it was spoiled. Chris takes a look at what can actually be done with it. Displacer Kitten from Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate has been the focus of a lot of conversation. Not entirely sure why…it’s not like Magic has a history of printing problematic cats, right?  …