Dominaria Remastered Early Predictions

Dominaria Remastered early predictions

Chris CornejoProducts, Standard

Dominaria Remastered got a bit of a news update yesterday during the Wizards Presents stream on Twitch. We now know the reprint set will draw from 27 different sets across the history of Magic. And with that scrap of news, what better time to engage in some wild speculation and make some predictions?

Let’s try to predict all the sets the reprints are coming from, and even go so far as to name two cards from each of those sets that will be included. The criteria for the two cards are very scientific and are determined thusly: Which card I think should be reprinted from that set, and which card I most want reprinted from that set. 

So, without further ado, let’s get into it. The first swing I’ll take is this: no Core Sets. While plenty of Core Sets take place, at least partially (if not wholly), on Dominaria, they are meant by design to be fairly generic. 

I think all the sets represented here are going to be main story sets situated primarily on the plane. The sets will be listed in reverse chronological order, mostly just to build suspense for the older cards and because I feel like it. 

1. Dominaria 

Card That Should Be Reprinted/Card I Most Want Reprinted: Teferi, Hero of Dominaria

I can just feel the booing from at least part of the audience that’s reading this, and I get it. Teferi, Hero of Dominaria is one of the greatest control-oriented planeswalkers ever printed. It’s a mainstay of Modern and Pioneer control decks, even holding its own in a format that contains Jace, the Mindsculptor. 

But it’s not even that unfair! It costs five mana in multiple colors, it can’t protect itself against more than one threat at a time without help and it takes a while to activate its ultimate ability. It’s just that all its abilities work so well together, and the decks it has homes in are fantastic at buying the time Teferi needs to completely take over the game. 

It has only been reprinted on the List, in a Masterpiece series, in a Secret Lair and as a Promo — none of which get a ton of copies into circulation. It’s due, no matter how annoying some players may find it. 

2. Future Sight 

Card That Should Be Reprinted: Not Tarmogoyf 

I know this is a little early to break the format, but there are so many more interesting cards from this set. I just want to ask that we let ol’ ‘Goyf take a rest for a bit. 

It’s still expensive, but nowhere near what it once was, and it doesn’t see as much play as it used to at the height of its value. Let it rest. 

Card I Most Want Reprinted: Pact of Negation

Free counterspells are always a dicey proposition, even with potentially significant drawbacks stapled on. But Pact is the counterspell of choice for combo decks that can play it in their format, and finding copies can be a hindrance to folks trying those decks out. 

More copies in circulation will let folks try out more of what Modern and older formats have to offer. 

3. Planar Chaos 

Card That Should Be Reprinted: Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth 

This land has come back a couple of times already, but it’s just so good. A theme you might end up noticing from my picks is “if a card is played a lot by a lot of different decks, get more of it into circulation,” and Urborg falls squarely into that category for me. 

Card I Most Want Reprinted: Imp’s Mischief 

Oh, the shenanigans you can pull off with this card — and almost no one ever sees it coming. Just perfection. 

4. Time Spiral 

Card That Should Be Reprinted: Academy Ruins 

Annoying combo enabler? Absolutely — but a slow one that telegraphs what you’re up to from a mile away. 

It feels safe enough to reprint. I’d even wager it could make it back to Standard under the right circumstances. 

Card I Most Want Reprinted: Gemstone Caverns 

I’m a big fan of cards like this and Serum Powder, which lean into the variance part of the game without getting too silly. 

5. Coldsnap 

Card That Should Be Reprinted: Fury of the Horde 

Cards like this fuel archetypes in Commander, and some of the best options for it can be a little hard to source. Getting more of this out in the wild gives folks the option of trying out this kind of deck. 

Card I Most Want Reprinted: Dark Depths 

All hail the original Flying Spaghetti Monster of Magic

6. Scourge 

Card That Should Be Reprinted: Sliver Overlord 

Everyone should try out a Sliver deck at least once, and reprinting enablers/Commanders like Sliver Overlord lets them. 

Card I Most Want Reprinted: Pemmin’s Aura 

Many shenanigans to be had with this card, and it only ever had just the one printing. It deserves more.  

7. Legions 

Card That Should Be Reprinted: Seedborn Muse 

Yes, it’s incredibly overpowered — but it’s so fun if you get a turn cycle or two with this out. Bring back the muse! 

Card I Most Want Reprinted: Synapse Sliver 

(chanting) Slivers! Slivers! Slivers! Slivers! 

8. Onslaught 

Card That Should Be Reprinted: The Original Fetchla…no? Fine, Aggravated Assault 

I’m just assuming at this point that with Fetchlands out of Pioneer, reprinting them isn’t a priority for Wizards. That said, remember Fury of the Horde from Coldsnap up above? Same reasoning here for Aggravated Assault, just even more so. 

Card I Most Want Reprinted: Oversold Cemetery 

This card can make for some wildly fun games, as people have to figure out which creatures of yours are really worth killing so as not to get your graveyard too full. More copies need to exist. 

9. Judgment 

Card That Should Be Reprinted: Hunting Grounds 

This is the kind of design I really like: powerful on its face, but with just enough hoops to jump through that you have to build with it in mind to really take advantage of the effect.  

Card I Most Want Reprinted: Seedtime 

If you’ve ever resolved this card, you know exactly why I want to spread that feeling around. 

10. Torment 

Card That Should Be Reprinted: Cabal Coffers 

This card is much more accessible than it was a few years ago, which is great. I feel like this falls in the same camp, for me, as Urborg, where a shot in the arm every few-to-five years or so is nothing but a good thing. 

Card I Most Want Reprinted: Grim Lavamancer 

I was a Legacy Burn player way back in the day, and Grim Lavamancer here always punched above its weight class. Pure nostalgia pick. 

11. Odyssey 

Card That Should Be Reprinted: Entomb 

There’s enough graveyard enabling options out there now that reprinting the premiere one isn’t going to rock the boat too much. Let people play with it more easily! 

Card I Most Want Reprinted: Karmic Justice 

If you like playing control, this card can be an amazing threat as folks try to pick off your various enchantments, artifacts, planeswalkers and even lands. Mutually assured destruction is a powerful thing. 

12. Apocalypse 

Card That Should Be Reprinted/Card I Most Want Reprinted: Pernicious Deed 

If you’re a fan of the Seal cycle but have never gotten to play with Pernicious Deed, you absolutely must try it out. It’s much more of a political tool in Commander. Just having this on board can swing games wildly. 

13. Planeshift

Card That Should Be Reprinted: Diabolic Intent 

I like tutors with a bit of flavor to them, and this fits squarely in that zone. 

Card I Most Want Reprinted: Orim’s Chant 

Fog and Silence — two great tastes that go great together! 

14. Invasion 

Card That Should Be Reprinted: Phyrexian Altar 

Ashnod’s Altar is pretty accessible at this point, so let’s make this version easier to play with too. Yes, they’re both broken combo enablers, but combo players deserve love too.  

Card I Most Want Reprinted: Dueling Grounds 

If you miss the old days of battle-cruiser Commander, this is the card for you. Send out your champion to fight, Voltron decks! 

15. Prophecy 

Card That Should Be Reprinted: Not Rhystic Study — but if you must, I suppose. 

Yes, it’s a cliché at this point (and not terribly fun), but it’s here to stay. If that’s the case, at least get some new art out there. 

Card I Most Want Reprinted: Overburden 

This sort of card appeals to a very specific type of player, and that player is me. Gimme. 

(A quick break to note that here we hit a stipulation — everything past this point is subject to the Reserve List. Regardless of your thoughts on the Reserve List, it exists, so nothing from it is eligible for reprinting. So none of those cards here. OK, on with the show!)  

16. Urza’s Destiny 

Card That Should Be Reprinted: Attrition 

More people should be playing this in Commander. That is all. 

Card I Most Want Reprinted: Opposition 

For Cube! Only for Cube. Mostly. Am I a monster? 

17. Urza’s Legacy 

Card That Should Be Reprinted/Card I Most Want Reprinted: Crawlspace 

I love effects like this, and there are so few out there. And this one’s an artifact. Everyone can play it! 

18. Urza’s Saga 

Card That Should Be Reprinted: Back to Basics 

If you can’t afford a bonkers mana base, at least you can fight back against those who can.  

Card I Most Want Reprinted: Contamination 

I like messing with people’s mana in unusual ways. Maybe I am a monster, but it’s not like they lose the lands or anything. 

19. Weatherlight 

Card That Should Be Reprinted/Card I Most Want Reprinted: Gemstone Mine 

Of all the five-color lands, this one feels like the safest to reprint for Commander. Plus, it lets combo decks in older formats function. It’s definitely due. 

20. Visions 

Card That Should Be Reprinted: Vampiric Tutor 

Price tags shouldn’t stop people from being able to play high-powered Commander decks with a few bells and whistles, so reprints like this are right up my alley. 

Card I Most Want Reprinted: Retribution of the Meek 

And when people get cute with those high-power decks, having some checks and balances can be useful. Three-mana wrath that mostly punishes folks going big? Yes please. 

21. Mirage 

Card That Should Be Reprinted: Enlightened Tutor 

Even with a relatively recent reprint, the price tag on these tutors is still plenty high. Players could use another influx. 

Card I Most Want Reprinted: Final Fortune 

Look, I like Obeka, all right? Sue me. 

22. Alliances 

Card That Should Be Reprinted: Elvish Spirit Guide 

Yes, this effect is absolutely broken in the right decks.  

Card I Most Want Reprinted: Shield Sphere 

Purely and only because I have fond memories of watching Cheerios decks go off. There is no other reason to reprint this. 

23. Ice Age 

Card That Should Be Reprinted: Demonic Consultation 

You can use this very unfairly with Thassa’s Oracle-style cards, of course, and while a lot of folks aren’t fans of that sort of thing, plenty of others are. 

Alternatively, you can play this fairly and add a bit of a gamble to your tutoring. It’s certainly more interesting than just casting Demonic Tutor

Card I Most Want Reprinted: Despotic Scepter 

There are so many ways to use this silly, silly card, and no one will blink when you cast this unless they know what you’re up to. I love things like this, even if I’d bet 99% of you had no idea this existed before you saw it here. 

24. Fallen Empires 

Card That Should Be Reprinted: Umm…oh look, The Dark! 

Look, Fallen Empires has the reputation it does for a reason. There’s not a ton here that both A) holds up well today and B) is at all exciting. I have one candidate for a reprint here, but I’m not sure it should be reprinted. 

Card I Most Want Reprinted: Hymn to Tourach 

I know it’s been reprinted several times at this point, and I know it can be really mean, but the heart wants what the heart wants, and I want my opponents to have no good options. 

25. The Dark 

Card That Should Be Reprinted: Maze of Ith 

This land can indeed be a little annoying and can make games take longer, but it’s an effect that’s hard to replicate — and it’s an indelible part of Magic’s history. I think a Maze reprint every so often is just fine. 

Card I Most Want Reprinted: Amnesia 

Look. This is a terrible card that costs way too much to cast, but the color pie break here is hysterical. Imagine tapping six mana, assuring the table there’s not a Cyclonic Rift coming from your mono-blue deck, and then pointing this at someone. Incredible. 

26. Legends 

Card That Should Be Reprinted/Card I Most Want Reprinted: Concordant Crossroads 

Yes, it was just reprinted in Double Masters 2022. I don’t care. I want more copies out there. Its symmetry can make playing it early a real risk in some circumstances, and even if it wasn’t, I find the effect inherently less busted than something like Vedalken Orrery. You still have to cast the hasty creatures on your own turn. 

27. Antiquities 

Card That Should Be Reprinted: Seasonal art Mishra’s Factory 

Factory has been reprinted several times in the past, and getting your hands on reasonably-priced copies isn’t an issue. But the old seasonal arts in black border? Those are fantastic, and quite, quite expensive, and I’d love to see an update of the idea. 

Card I Most Want Reprinted: Strip Mine 

C’mon, Wizards, do it! LET CHAOS (and land destruction) REIGN! I AM FULLY EMBRACING THE DARK SIDE! 

Seriously though, I never want to see Strip Mine legal again in a 60-card format. But in Commander? With the sheer breadth of utility lands and cards like Gaea’s Cradle running around, I’m fine with some targeted land destruction. 

Like anything, of course, it can be abused, but those methods are going to be as much of a problem as playgroups allow — not something you can really say about a format like Legacy. I doubt a reprint here happens, but boy would I cackle with glee if it did. 

End step

And there you go, my guesses for reprints we’ll see in Dominaria Remastered. I would be shocked if more than a handful of these actually end up in the set, but I can hope! 

In the meantime, we have current Dominaria to worry about, as things seem to be going a bit off the rails for the plane in Dominaria United. Our presale for that set is live now, with more cards being added as they get previewed.