The Best Commander Reprints in Ravnica Remastered

The Best Commander Reprints in Ravnica Remastered

Kristen GregoryCommander

Ravnica Remastered releases Friday, January 12, and with it comes what’s shaping up to be a draft date to put in the Calendar. Maybe you’re more interested in the reprints, though – so let’s run through some of the highlights.  RAVNICA REMASTERED REPRINTS A LOT OF CARDS Much like Bruvac’s extensive scroll, the list of reprints in this set is …

Exploring Cavern of Souls' Reprint

Exploring Cavern of Souls’ Reprint

Tom AndersonCommander, Standard

To enfranchised Magic players, rare lands are always headline cards for any new set. The availability of color-fixing lands is a huge factor in deciding the metagame of a format, especially the presence of multicolor aggro decks. But despite this vital role, there’s usually not a lot interesting to say about the cards themselves. But that’s different for Cavern of …