March of the Machine, 10 Legendary Team Ups We'd love to See

March of the Machine: 10 Legendary Team Ups we’d Love to See

Kristen GregoryCommander

MagicCon Philadelphia revealed previews of April’s set, March of the Machine. Among the exciting cards previewed were team up legendary cards, featuring unlikely allies from across the multiverse. Aside from the duos we saw, here are the team ups we’d love to see in March of the Machine.

March of the Machine previews kicked off a little early with a sneak-peek panel at MagicCon: Philadelphia last weekend, and it’s safe to say we’re getting the “Endgame” to ONE’s “Infinity War.” 

Did you ever think you’d see Drana and Linvala teaming up to create one of the strongest hatebears the game has ever seen? What about the greatest flavor text ever seen on Yargle and Multani?

Thalia and The Gitrog Monster
Thalia and The Gitrog Monster

Well, the Guardian of Thraben herself said, “Hold my beer!” and charged in on none other than the freakin’ Gitrog Monster. However jaded you might be, you can’t deny that this kind of payoff — even if it is fanservice — is just delightful. It helps that the card is also really good, too. 

So, what other team-ups will we see? Which characters have big buddy-cop energy? What would be the most epic payoff? Here’s what we’d love to see. 

Top Team Ups

There are two badass Angels from Innistrad who would make an unstoppable duo. They’ve defended the plane multiple times from threats both terrestrial and extra-planar, they both share a color and they can slow down an opponent while setting you up to succeed. Combining them into one card would surely give us an awe-inspiring creature that would prove to be a powerful ally.

Brisela, Voice of Nightmares
Brisela, Voice of Nightmares

Uh, maybe not like that. While it would be cool to see Bruna and Gisela team up, they’ve been slain as Brisela already, when Thalia took up the Moonsilver Spear.

10. Liesa and Sigarda

Liesa and Sigarda are all that’s left of the Archangels who protect Innistrad (Bruna, Gisela and Avacyn have all been destroyed). Combining two rule-setting Angels into one body could prove a little too powerful, but if they mess around with what these Angels can offer, we could end up with a really sweet Angel-duo. 

I could see a card that gives the player and other non-Phyrexian creatures they control Hexproof or Ward, and a clause that says “Whenever you gain a counter, each opponent loses 2 life.” That would cover defenses for Poison while also leaving the card in a position where it’s still playable with Energy and Experience counters.

The only thing stopping this Angelic-team up, ironically, is Thalia and her Moonsilver Spear. She already got dibs on Abzan with the Gitgud Frog. 

9. Aegar and Toski

What’s more adorable — and deadly — than a colossal Giant and an Indestructible Squirrel on a killing rampage? Our new writer Adam proved that the seed doesn’t fall far from the World Tree when I asked him who he wanted to see: Aegar and Toski

I picture the two having the same energy as Kratos and Ratotoskr from God of War: Ragnarok, with the Giant quietly bemused by his more whimsical companion, whose immortality means there’s no need to be afraid of getting caught underfoot.

How would it work as a card? Well, it’d be Temur, for sure, and amusingly would have the Giant Squirrel typing. It would likely attack each combat if able and draw cards upon connecting. 

I imagine it would also give a bonus for dealing excess combat damage to one or more creatures. Perhaps you get to Scry X, where X is the number of Poison counters you have? It was the Giants and Ratotoskr that knew more secrets of the World Tree and the end times, after all. Maybe they can avert Phyrexia’s invasion.

8. Kopala & Lannery Storm

Now, hear me out: a lot of these team-ups are likely to be two colors, as it’s unlikely for Wizards of the Coast to print too many four color legends into Standard. With that in mind, I think we’re most likely to see Merfolk and Pirates team up to lead naval battles against the Phyrexian invasions. As lesser leaders than those who searched for Orazca, there’s potential for less animosity between Kopala and Lannery Storm.

A card could give creatures you control Ward 2, and perhaps even generate a treasure token when a creature you control becomes the target of a spell an opponent controls.

7. Kari Zev & Depala

I think Ragavan gets way too much of a spotlight, so I’m not a fan of putting him on a team-up card when he’s already teamed up with Kari. To that end, let’s get our battle mechs and airships ready-to-rumble by having Kari working with Depala to launch the fleets. 

Make it so when a vehicle enters the battlefield under your control, you get to make a 2/1 Ragavan token, and have Kari and Depala give target vehicle Haste at the beginning of combat. You’d probably have to add on a little more card advantage to the ephemeral pilot of Ragavan to have it compete with Shorikai, but yeah. Maybe give a vehicle Doublestrike and Trample, too?

6. Winota & Jirina Kudro

What’s better than one badass woman leader? Well, two, of course. Any new Winota card would have to be less powerful, but there’s easy ways to tweak an ability down in this case. 

How would a card work out? Well, I’d see it as giving Humans you control +1/+0 for each non-human among creatures you control. It’d really drive home that for the Ikoria humans, living in harmony with non-Humans is their greatest strength. 

So what would Winota bring to the table, card advantage wise? Well, I’d like to see token production. Making 1/1 Human Soldiers contingent on non-Humans… dealing combat damage. Yeah. That’s probably safer.

5. Massacre Girl & Teysa Karlov

Okay, roll with me on this one: Teysa isn’t so mobile, and being in a warzone situation for an extended period of time can really put a toll on you. She needs an efficient and tireless bodyguard, one who delights in the thrill of battle. 

Enter: Massacre Girl. With Teysa’s influence of the Orzhov lessened after the events of War of the Spark, it makes sense for her to work outside the Orzhov guild when the need arises.

Their card could exile creatures opponents control when they die, putting a type of counter on Teysa each time this resolves. The counters could be removed to make 1/1 Spirit tokens, or removed en-masse, sacrificing Massacre Girl & Teysa Karlov, in order to wipe the board clear of creatures. 

4. Heiko & Norika Yamazaki

We never got Brothers Yamazaki with Partner. You can’t Partner these two without Rule 0 either — and even then, they’re pretty underwhelming in the Command Zone. So, how about Sisters Yamazaki on one card?

It’s the Boros Sun Titan in the Command Zone that we all wanted, right? I would probably have this work in such a way that whenever you attack with one or more creatures, you can cast a spell from among Artifacts, Enchantments, Planeswalkers and Creatures in your graveyard for each creature you attacked with. 

Reconstruct History meets Boros Muldrotha. Tack on the Serra Paragon exile clause if you have to, but Boros deserves this card!

3. Gideon & ???

We already know that Theros is getting royally screwed up — just look at the preview of the new Heliod. We also know Gideon is in the afterlife there, and I don’t think he’d let it stand to see the plane under attack. The question is, which God would have him as a demigod Champion?

I could see an argument for Iroas, God of Victory. Iroas is the patron of Akros, where Gideon grew up. Iroas is also all about honor, justice, and victory, all things Gideon identifies strongly with. Erebos is another contender. Both have a bone to pick with Heliod, and with Elspeth otherwise out of the picture (and with bigger fish to fry), it might fall to a Gideon+God tag team to take on Phyrexia.

How would that work on a card? I have no earthly idea. But it’d be AWESOME. 

2. Ayli & Emeria

I think we can go even further into epic fanservice, though. How about Ayli and Emeria? Ayli, the Eternal Pilgrim suffered a crisis in faith once the Battle for Zendikar was over, and her pilgrimage is still ongoing. What if, now that the realms are connected, her pilgrimage takes her to Innistrad?

For those of you who might not know, Emeria was the false name of the Eldrazi Titan that would later be revealed as Emrakul. It took one stubborn Kor to ravage Innistrad with Emrakul — how about coming full circle, with another stubborn Kor coming to pick her up again? It would be poetic if that’s how Emrakul gets involved in the story – if she even does.

I don’t think a legendary tag-team is enough to do this partnership justice, though; I imagine it would work far better as a meld card, with an Ayli and some kind of Leyline or Cryptolith fragment as requirements to meld into a badass, terrifying Eldrazi Titan on the other side. 

1. Mileva & Lavinia 

Mileva needs a card, and it needs to be Legendary. 

Mileva’s humble beginnings were as a guard in the Tenth District, Ravnica’s kind-of neutral ground, where Gateway Plaza and the Embassy and Chamber of the Guildpact are. 

In the lead up to the War of the Spark, Mileva proved her worth, ascending to a Legionnaire commission in the Boros Legion.

The flavor text on Tenth District Legionnaire says it all, and the chance to see where she’s ended up now that war is upon Ravnica again is too much of an opportunity to pass up. But who would she team up with? Well, as much as Aurelia would be sweet, I think we should get some Jeskai soldier action — seeded by the Azorius soldier support in Brother’s War — and let her join with Lavinia

Like Mileva, Lavinia started her career in the Tenth District, rising through the ranks to become the de facto Azorius Guildmaster after the events of War of the Spark. Seeing Tenth District sisters doing it for themselves would be sweet. 

The card itself could combine the Heroic aspects of adding counters to Mileva and Lavinia, but it could do so as an additional cost for opponents to cast spells that have a mana value greater than the number of lands they control. Slap on a lord effect or card advantage effect for Soldiers and we have ourselves a winner.

Which team up do you want to see? Let me know on twitter