Gravestorm – MTG Keywords Explained

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Future Sight produced a lot of one-off mechanics, but you never know when one could crop up in Magic again. Today, we’ll be taking a look at a variation on storm called gravestorm!

What is Gravestorm?

Only appearing on Bitter Ordeal from Future Sight, Gravestorm lets you copy a spell as you cast it. However, instead of counting the number of spells you’ve cast that turn, gravestorm creates copies of a spell based on how many permanents have gone a graveyard that turn. That includes your permanents and your opponents’, so this is a great follow-up to a board wipe or other mass removal spell.

Also of note multiple instances of gravestorm will trigger separately. The copies don’t trigger gravestorm, because they aren’t technically cast — you just put them on the stack. You can also choose new targets for each copy of spell, if you wish.

As its name suggestions, gravestorm is like storm, but it works on a slightly different axis. And just like storm, it’s unlikely to come back because it turns out it can be broken in half. It’s a powerful payoff that works in a potentially explosive way, so be sure to try it out if you enjoy comboing off.