Ward – MTG Keywords Explained

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Commander 2021 is out now, and the set will be introducing a few new keyword mechanics designed for multiplayer games. Here’s a quick primer on ward — a keyword that protects your creatures from removal!

What is Ward?

First, there was shroud. Then, there was hexproof. Now, there’s ward!

Whenever a permanent with ward becomes the target of a spell or ability an opponent controls, that spell or ability is countered unless that opponent pays the ward cost. It’s a way to make your permanents more resistant to removal while still giving your opponent ways of dealing with them.

A few notes on ward:

  • If a creature has multiple instances of ward, each will trigger separately, and each ward cost will have to be paid separately.
  • A spell or ability needs to target your permanent to trigger ward. Spells that destroy all creatures don’t apply here.

We hope this new ability adds fun dynamics to your Commander games. Pick up Commander 2021 cards and decks here, and stay tuned for more keyword primers!