News of the Realm – 4/15/22

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With News of the Realm, we take a quick look at everything that went on at Card Kingdom, with our friends, and in the Magic world this week! 

Welcome one and all to News of the Realm! Here’s what we and our friends had going on for the week leading up to April 15th, 2022.

Our Friends

The Professor talked about the integrity of his reviews, had some…thoughts about the Power Mystery Box, and gave MTG NFTs another look.

Loading Ready Run craked packs of Amonkhet and Portal: Three Kingdoms, talked New Capenna on Tap Tap Concede, played Beejlander on Friday Night Paper Fight, drafted Dominaria, and previewed a card for Streets of New Capenna!

Numot drafted quite a lot of Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, a little bit of Ravnica Mixer, and a pinch of Dominaria.

MTG Goldfish tried to make Revel in Riches work in Pioneer, talked the best cards at every mana value on Commander Clash, and brewed a combo 13 years in the making.

GLHF kept up with the Upkeep, discussed Streets of New Capenna previews, and previewed their own card from SNC!

Mountain Man Magic looked at more Streets of New Capenna previews, and gave his thoughts on the New Capenna Commander decks.

Nizzahon ranked the Top 10 Cards that Turn Lands in Creatures, talked about New Capenna previews and mechanics, ranked the Top 10 Card that Cost Three Mana of the Same Color, and listed the Top 10 Cards that He Thought were Good When He was a Kid.

Card Kingdom

Kristen took a look at the possibilities of Luxior, Giada’s Gift.

Scott made some trouble in New Capenna with a Jaxis, the Troublemaker EDH deck. 

Tom pointed out 5 of the Most Common Rules Traps in Magic.

Chris told the Story of Elspeth Tirel.

Michael predicted the Top 5 Cards in New Capenna for Modern.

We ran through the rules and workings of the Persist mechanic. 

From the Borderlands

Volkan Baga’s new art for Sisay sold for $20,000.

Drawing Live draws a line between Explore and the new Connive mechanic.

Goblin Lore continued their talk with DeQuan Watson.