Ravnica Horoscopes: October 2018

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Thanks to this handy quiz, you’ve likely figured out where your guild allegiances lie, but you may not be sure what to do with that information. Lucky for you, the staff here at Card Kingdom have been studying the skies of Ravnica and have some recommendations to help you live your best Guild life.

Azorius Senate

Your life has been feeling a bit disorganized lately. Take some time to declutter; once everything is in its proper place, you will be able to prioritize your goals. Don’t act rashly, and you will be rewarded for your patience and the trust you put in your superiors. In your love life, listen to the needs of your partner and engage in open communication to find success.

Best love match: Boros

House Dimir

Trust your instincts and be wary of those who are too eager to assist you, as they may be trying to use you for their own ends. Don’t give up on a tough job or assignment, and your efforts will be rewarded. Protect your family and your loved ones by putting their interests before yours, even if that feels unintuitive.

Best love match: Orzhov

Cult of Rakdos

Don’t forget to focus on your own happiness and self-expression, and follow your heart. Never be afraid to challenge those in authority – you will earn the respect of your peers and superiors by standing up for what believe in. In relationships, don’t forget that focusing on the happiness of others will also bring you joy.

Best love match: Golgari

Gruul Clans

Holding in your feelings is detrimental to your health – it’s important to find creative outlets for your emotions. Tackle problems head-on, and don’t be afraid of confrontation, as it can lead to productive discussion and problem solving. Your loved ones appreciate how you connect emotionally with them, so don’t withdraw when things get tough.

Best love match: Selesnya

Selesnya Conclave

If you are feeling trapped by day-to-day life, taking a walk in the wilderness will help you to clear your mind. The advice of friends and family will guide you through tough decisions – surround yourself with people who have your best interests at heart, and they will not steer you wrong.

Best love match: Gruul

Orzhov Syndicate

Use your budgeting skills to your advantage, and planning for the new year will prove fruitful. Use your cleverness to advance in your career, but don’t disregard the importance of tradition and respecting the hierarchy of the career that you work within. Make sure to consider your family when planning for the future, and discuss goals openly so that you can work to achieve them jointly.

Best love match: Dimir

Izzet League

Don’t be afraid to dive head-first into challenges, but remember that it’s equally important to be willing to ask for help when you’re stumped. Your passion will lead you to success and draw like-minded people to you, both in your career and in your love life.

Best love match: Simic

Golgari Swarm

You’ve often felt like a little bit of a misfit, but when you surround yourself with like-minded friends, family, and coworkers, together there is nothing that you can’t accomplish. Approach your problems pragmatically, and you will find straight-forward solutions. In relationships, don’t be afraid to open up, as that will bring you closer to your loved ones.

Best love match: Rakdos

Boros Legion

Your bold nature may push some people away, but don’t let yourself be swayed by the opinions of others. When faced with a dilemma, put your faith in your moral compass – stay true to yourself and you will be rewarded.

Best love match: Azorius

Simic Combine

It is important not to let yourself get complacent with where you are – never stop looking for ways to better yourself and the world around you. Don’t shy away from a debate, but be respectful of the opinions of others. You will be rewarded for devoting yourself to your passions, but don’t get so drawn into your work that you lose touch with loved ones.

Best love match: Izzet