Why Do Magic Players Love Ravnica?

Why Do Magic Players Love Ravnica?

Jacob LacknerDesign, Magic Story

Ravnica Remastered releases on January 12th, 2024. It’s a set filled with awesome reprints from our various trips to the plane. Apart from Dominaria, Ravnica is the plane that we have visited the most frequently. In fact, the next Standard-release Magic set, Murders at Karlov Manor is a Ravnica set too! We visit the plane regularly because it is the …

Ravnica Remastered Early Look

Ravnica Remastered Early Look

Card KingdomProducts

Ravnica Remastered is just around the corner, and will feature a collection of the best cards that the plane-wide city has to offer. But what makes Ravnica so special? Why remaster it? And what can we expect to find in the reprint set?  The Plane of Ravnica  Magic has visited Ravnica 13 times in the past 16 years, and with …

Ravnica and Film Noir

Michelle RappMagic Story

In the words of L.A. Confidential author James Ellroy: “[Film Noir] is a generically American film movement that went from 1945 to 1958 and exposited one great theme. And that theme is: ‘You’re @#$ked.’” It’s a simple phrase, but what it and Film Noir succeed in conveying is the struggle to find meaning in a world that cares less about …

Experimental Frenzy in Commander

Brandon IsleibCommander

Since making a Kefnet the Mindful Commander deck, I’ve been in love with cards that let you play off the top of your library. With Kefnet, I used those cards to keep a full seven cards in hand so Kefnet could go into combat; I’d just play off my library instead of ever needing to use my hand. This year’s …

The Cipher Net

Bradley RoseMagic Story

Editor’s Note: In today’s blog post, Bradley Rose speculates about what social media would be like in the Multiverse. The following story takes place on the plane of Ravnica and is told through a series of posts on the social media platform Scribbler.  @PetConclaveDoggos Me right now: Morning coffee at a new café with a SCRIBE in hand @IsmerianLibrarian replying …

Key Constructed Cards: Guilds of Ravnica

Chantelle CampbellStandard

With the first rotation in what feels like years, Standard waves goodbye to staples such as The Scarab God and Glorybringer and hello to a whole wide world of new toys to explore. This shakeup allows for new ingenuity, and the consensus is that it will breathe new life into Standard, as well as non-rotating formats such as Modern and …

Card Kingdom Presents the Ravnican Rumble!

Card KingdomLivestreams

Guilds of Ravnica is finally here, and we’re celebrating with a special livestream. Introducing the Ravnican Rumble! On Tuesday, October 9th at 2:00 PM PST, five Card Kingdom and Mox Boarding House employees will represent the five guilds of Guilds of Ravnica in a round-robin event, which we’ll be broadcasting live from Card Kingdom Studios in Seattle. Here’s a brief run-down …

Card Kingdom – Always Innovating | MTG Guilds of Ravnica Sketch

Card KingdomVideo

With Guilds of Ravnica release day looming, we brought in a consultant from the Izzet League to help boost our productivity! He built us a Machine that promised to maximize our velocity, but will it unleash a Thousand-Year Storm in our fulfillment center? Find out in our latest sketch! Preorder Guilds of Ravnica here!

Ravnica Horoscopes: October 2018

Chantelle CampbellUncategorized

Thanks to this handy quiz, you’ve likely figured out where your guild allegiances lie, but you may not be sure what to do with that information. Lucky for you, the staff here at Card Kingdom have been studying the skies of Ravnica and have some recommendations to help you live your best Guild life. Azorius Senate Your life has been …

Guilds of Ravnica Prerelease Preview

Hallie SantoLimited

Prereleases for Guilds of Ravnica start tonight at midnight, and Magic players across the globe will be choosing one of five guilds to represent for the weekend. While many of us have deep affinities for our chosen guilds, others will want to evaluate each of the guilds’ mechanics and choose their prerelease pack accordingly. For those of you in the …