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Strixhaven: School of Mages is here, and Magic players everywhere are joining the set’s five Colleges. But school allegiance isn’t the only thing that has players excited.

In addition to all-new cards and Commander decks, Strixhaven contains a special subset of cards called Mystical Archive. These unique cards are powerful and eye-catching, and they’ve prompted a lot of questions from the Magic community. In this post, we’ll be rounding up all the info you need on Mystical Archive: what they are, when you can play them, and how you can get your hands on them.

What is Mystical Archive?

Mystical Archive is a special subset of cards within Strixhaven, comprised of 63 cards in total. Thematically, they represent the wealth of magical knowledge you can find at Strixhaven’s Biblioplex (a.k.a. the campus library), and as such, all Mystical Archive cards are either instants or sorceries.

All Mystical Archive cards are reprints of existing Magic cards, with one notable exception: Abundant Harvest, which will appear in Magic‘s forthcoming Modern Horizons 2 set.

Mystical Archive cards have a unique art style that sets them apart from other Magic cards. In this way, they’re similar to Zendikar Expeditions, Kaladesh Masterpieces, and Amonkhet Invocations — but they’re available in much greater numbers and at a lower price point.

How to Get Mystical Archive Cards

Mystical Archive cards can be found in booster packs of Strixhaven. You’re guaranteed one Mystical Archive card in every Draft Booster and Set Booster, and more than one in every Collector Booster.

It’s worth reiterating that Mystical Archive is not a standalone Magic set, but rather a subset of cards within Strixhaven. They do not have their own product line from Wizards of the Coast and can only be found within Strixhaven products. If you’ve been eyeing a specific Mystical Archive card or want to collect them all, we highly recommend picking up singles via sites like Card Kingdom.

Magic Format Legality

Once you get your hands on Mystical Archive cards, how can you play them? Fortunately, you have tons of options.

Because they’re included in Strixhaven Draft Boosters, Mystical Archive cards are legal in Strixhaven Booster Draft and Sealed. They give Strixhaven Limited a uniquely high power level and a spell-heavy focus, which has invited comparisons to Cube. You can learn more about how to draft Strixhaven here.

Mystical Archive cards are NOT legal in Standard. However, they are available in MTG Arena-exclusive formats, including Historic and Gladiator.

A handful of Mystical Archive cards have been banned in Historic based on their power level:

(Learn more about Mystical Archive’s impact on Historic here.)

Finally, Mystical Archive cards are legal in any formats where they have been previously legal. Abundant Harvest is legal in Historic, Commander, Legacy, and Vintage, and it will become legal in Modern upon Modern Horizons 2‘s release in June.

Special Versions

In addition to the standard versions of Mystical Archive cards that you’ll find in Draft and Set Boosters, there are some rare, ultra-premium versions that collectors will want to look for.

Japanese Mystical Archive Cards

Like War of the Spark‘s planeswalkers, Mystical Archive cards are available in alternate-art Japanese versions that pay homage to traditional Japanese art.

While these cards will only appear in Japanese Draft and Set Boosters, they will be available in Collector Boosters in all languages — including English!

Order Japanese Mystical Archive cards!

Foil-Etched Mystical Archive Cards

Both English and Japanese Mystical Archive cards will be available in special foil-etched versions. Foil-etched cards first debuted in Commander Legends last fall, and this new treatment is back for Mystical Archive.

English foil-etched Mystical Archive cards look similar to their Commander Legends counterparts — they have a bold style and a textured finish. Japanese foil-etched cards have a more subtle foil effect, most noticeable around the edges of the card.

Closing the Archive

Mystical Archive cards are perfect for collectors or for any players looking to customize their decks. They have beautiful, unique art unlike anything we’ve seen before in Magic. And most importantly, thanks to their high availability, they’re affordable for players on just about any budget.

That’s all the info we currently have on Mystical Archive. We’ll be sure to let you know if and when these special cards appear in Magic again. For more Magic news, be sure to follow us on Twitter and sign up for the Card Kingdom newsletter!