Let’s Brew: Arcades, the Strategist

Aaron DurbinCommander

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Let’s Brew! Much like Magic Origins, Core Set 2019 is once again taking up the narrative gauntlet as we learn the history of bad ol’ Bolas and his Elder Dragon brethren in a not-quite Dominaria follow-up. Today, we’re going to build a deck around another value-driven, two-bird-killing stone that is sure to be a …

Key Constructed Cards from Core Set 2019

Chantelle CampbellStandard

Another new set means another opportunity to shake up constructed, and M19 doesn’t disappoint! This is the first core set since Magic Origins in 2015, and with it comes the opportunity to inject staples back into Standard, as well as unleashing powerful new tools for all our favorite Constructed formats. The Planeswalkers        A new core set means a new …

Core Set 2019 Prerelease Vlog

Card KingdomVideo

Core Set 2019 is finally here, and players everywhere are excited for the new planeswalkers, the powerful elder dragons, and reprints of beloved cards! We sent our friend Sam Tang to our local game store, Mox Boarding House, to see what the community thinks of the new set.

Chromium, the Mutable: A Brawl Deck Tech

Brandon IsleibBrawl

Unlike every other shard, Standard hasn’t had a legendary Esper card since the days of actual Esper (Sen Triplets and Sharuum the Hegemon). For Brawlers, getting Chromium, the Mutable is the first opportunity to build an Esper deck, and it’s an interesting card to boot. While its flash, flying, and resistance to removal are best suited for a control deck …

Top 19 Brawl Cards from Core Set 2019

Brandon IsleibBrawl

Did you have relatives who gave you dollars on your birthday equal to how old you were? I’m really glad they don’t expect quid pro quo on that…Regardless, the return of Core Sets with years in them enables top X lists, just like those old birthdays. Before we go through my top 19 Brawl cards from Core Set 2019, I …