Historic Deck Guide: GW Enchantress

Ally WarfieldHistoric

Jumpstart: Historic Horizons has added almost 1,000 new cards to Arena, and I’m extremely excited to start delving into the new Historic metagame. There are a lot of different decks I want to explore, so keep your eyes peeled for many new Historic articles to come in the future!  For now, I decided to start my descent into Historic Horizons …

5 New Decks with Historic Horizons

Mason ClarkHistoric

Jumpstart: Historic Horizons dropped today, and it’s time to start crushing the Arena ladder! Today, we have five new decks for you to start playing, covering everything from combo to beatdown to midrange decks. Let’s jump right in. Orzhov Lark Combo Lark Combo is looking to be one of the strongest decks during the first week of Historic Horizons’ legality. …

New Strats Coming to Historic Horizons

New Strategies Coming to Historic with Historic Horizons

Mason ClarkHistoric

Jumpstart: Historic Horizons is just a week away, and when it releases, the Historic format will never be the same. The set will create entirely new deck archetypes, and today, we’ll be taking a look at five examples. While these might not be the optimal builds (the full set was just released yesterday!), these are great jumping-off points for building …