Outlaws of Thunder Junction Story Recap

What Happens in the Outlaws of Thunder Junction Story

Jacob LacknerMagic Story

Outlaws of Thunder Junction releases on April 19th. This newest set introduces us to a brand new plane, the eponymous and American west-inspired Thunder Junction. The multiverse changed in a big way recently, with the introduction of the omenpaths during the Phyrexian invasion. These planar portals allow non-planeswalkers to travel to other planes. Thunder Junction is one of these planes, …

Murders at Karlov Manor: What Happens in the Story?

What Happens in the Story of Murders at Karlov Manor?

Jacob LacknerMagic Story

Murders at Karlov Manor releases on February 9th. In this latest set, we take a return visit to Ravnica, but it’s a different kind of Ravnica set. During our previous visits, the stories were quite grand in scale. But this time, the set revolves around a single mystery and its investigation. In this article, I’m going to summarize the events …