Which classic Un-cards could be eternal legal?

Which classic Un-cards could be eternal legal?

Tom AndersonCommander, Legacy

UNFINITY is really capturing the attention of the player base at the moment, though it seems to be extremely polarizing. Its detractors have been critical of the set’s mixed-legality, as UNFINITY marks the first time an Un-set has contributed new cards to the Eternal legal card pool of Magic. However, is this really such a big change in philosophy? The …

A History of Un-Cards

Bradley RoseDesign, Products

You’re at Gen Con at a Magic: The Gathering prerelease. The head judge of the event is dressed in a chicken suit. You might think this is some kind of joke. You’re exactly right. It’s… 1998 — Unglued For the first time, Magic cards are printed with a silver border. Each card with this silver lining tells you, “I don’t …


Card KingdomProducts

What do you call the wackiest Magic format you can play at your kitchen table? Unsanctioned, of course! What is Unsanctioned? Unsanctioned is a new box set for Magic: The Gathering, but it’s a bit different from what you might expect. It features silver-bordered Magic cards not legal in regular tournament play, and which bend and challenge the rules of …