The Best Holiday Gifts for Commander Players

The Best Holiday Gifts for Commander Players: 2023

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The holidays are all about giving, but sometimes it’s hard to shop for Magic players! This is especially true for friends and family who may not be familiar with Magic’s most popular format themselves. The good news is Card Kingdom has you covered this year, because we know exactly what gifts to get for the Commander players in your life this year.

There are lots of suggestions inside, and each is pointed toward the kind of experience you want to give your friends and family. And whether you get just one thing or decide to really spoil them, everything on this list should be a joy to unwrap at any point his holiday season!

The Perfect Preconstructed Decks

For those just entering the world of Commander, Wizards of the Coast has the perfect product for you! These five decks will help start off your collection, help you understand that basics of Magic and let you get right to playing with your friends!

However, if your Magic player has been playing for a long time, treat them to the cream of the crop with a preconstructed deck from Commander Masters. These are chock full of value and are built around some of the most beloved mechanics in the game. You really can’t go wrong with any of them.

Build Up Their Collection

There are tens of thousands of Magic cards in existence, and almost all of them are legal in Commander! So if your favorite Magic player needs to beef up their collection, know that almost anything they could be looking for can be found inside a Commander Masters booster.

Whether you grab a box or a few boosters, they will be sure to thank you for helping them play with the power they need to defeat all their friends and foes alike!

Popular Sleeper-Hits

Every set come with its own set of Commander preconstructed decks, but a lot of players slept on the March of the Machine release. These are some of the most well-built decks out of the box we’ve seen in years, and they’re full of fun build-arounds that anyone can appreciate. So, surprise your favorite Commander player by flexing your knowledge with one of these sleeper hit decks!

Bling Out Their Deck

Commander players love to bling out their decks, filling them with the most gorgeous showcase variants the game has to offer. These are all available inside Collector Booster packs, and you really can’t go wrong with any set. 

Doctor Who, in particular, is full of fun, powerful legends with iconic art, but there’s no reason to stop there. Your favorite Commander player will thank you.

Volume Storage

Most Commander players have half finished decks and swapped out cards all over their play space, but they rarely have anywhere to put them all! After all, it’s always so much more fun to buy packs than to get organized.

But that’s why the holidays are the perfect time to get your favorite Commander player the Ultimate Guard Arkhive Deck Case. They’ll thank you, their collection will thank you and so will anyone they share a home with.

An Improved Play Experience

There’s a lot to keep track of in Commander, and we’re well aware of that at Card Kingdom. That’s why we have a custom Command Center playmat that is designed to help your favorite Commander player and all their friends keep track of the game. They make for  an easy, beloved gift that will improve gameplay every time!

Matching Playmats

They may not admit it, but Commander players love to match their accessories to their deck. That’s why you should check out Original Magic Art’s playmats, which feature art from some of the most iconic cards from the game!

The Newest Sleeves

A lot of Commander players like to keep their decks sleeved in different colors, and sometimes they can run out of options! But Dragon Shield has new, Matte Dual sleeves in a whole slew of new options.

These are brand new, so help your favorite player be the freshest one at the table this holiday season!

End step

We hope you can rest easy this holiday season knowing Card Kingdom has your back when it comes to shopping for the most Magic gifts possible. And if you didn’t find anything on this list, we have three other guides that can help find the perfect product. Just be sure to order as early as you can to make sure everything arrives on time!

Either way, no matter whether you ordered something from us or not, may all your packs have mythics and your games the most fun endings possible!