Best Holiday Gifts for Magic Players

Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Magic players, 2022

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Another year has come and gone so quickly, but we’re now entering one of the year’s best seasons: the holidays! Whether you’re looking for yourself or for friends and family, our annual holiday gift guide has Magic players of all kinds covered.

This year has seen more new Magic products than ever before, so it might be hard to narrow down your options alone. Fortunately, we distilled everything down to the five quintessential gifts for the player in your life.

Game Night: Free-for-All

This product is the gift that keeps on giving, because it makes playing with — or even teaching — your friends and family into a cinch. With five, 60-card Magic decks (one for each color), you can play a variety of kitchen table formats to pass those cozy days together.

Perhaps rotate through the decks and opponents in a round robin style until you find out “the best” Magic player. If there’s only four of you, give two-headed giant a go and work together to take down your opponents. You can even have a free for all that would give new meaning to the phrase “holiday bash.”

Either way, you’ll have everything you need — from spindown life counters, to tokens to a full rulebook and reference cards. For just $50, you’ve guaranteed a great night for yourself and four others.

Dragon Shield Christmas 2022 Sleeves

Deck the halls with something durable, because Santa Clause isn’t playing around on this year’s Dragon Shield Christmas 2022 sleeves. No — apparently Ol’ Saint Nick found this dragon to be a bit naughty, so he picked up his candy cane blade and got a lift from Rudolph’s scaly cousin. 

The good news is, you don’t have to watch out for your cards when they’re protected by Dragon Shield Sleeves. They’ll be safe and secure, unlike whoever may have gotten on Santa’s bad side this year. And, at the very least, your cards will have never looked more ice cold.

Ultra PRO Fire Resistant 12-Pocket Zippered PRO-Binder

Not even the hottest Hanukkiah could pose a threat to your collection with this fashionable and utilitarian card binder from Ultra Pro. Seriously — you could hold this over a fire and your Power Nine would be cool as a cucumber. 

On the whole, the binder fits 480 cards across the 12-pocket pages, so you can keep all your most important cards secure. And while some might say this level of security is over the top, you’re just showing whoever you’re getting this for how much you care about their collection.

Unfinity Draft and Collector boosters

We’re not sure what holidays they celebrate in space, but we imagine every day must be a blast at the most fun amusement park in the Magic multiverse. And while we can’t actually go there ourselves, there are few things better than taking a night to run an Unfinity draft with your closest friends and family. See who comes up with the craziest decks, don’t take things to seriously and let the winner be first in line at your Thanksgiving feast.

But, if you don’t have time for a full draft, the collector boosters are still really cool! Hunt for some scenic shock lands with the galaxy foil treatment and you might make someone’s entire holiday season.

Jumpstart 2022

Do you have friends that don’t know the joys of Magic yet? Well, good news — Jumpstart 2022 is the perfect gift to share with them. This product lets you mash up any two booster packs and have a functional deck, making it ideal for teaching prospective players. 

At the same time, even the most staunch veterans can enjoy all the different combinations possible. On top of that, this year’s Jumpstart is full of awesome anime alternate art that is perfect for collectors. Really, there’s no way to go wrong with this as a gift.