Wilds of Eldraine Early Look

Wilds of Eldraine: Early Look

Chris CornejoStandard

Wilds of Eldraine is swiftly approaching, and we’re here to fill you in on everything you need to know about the upcoming Standard set before preview season starts!

The Story 

In our first visit back to the main Magic multiverse since the New Phyrexian invasion, we come to an Eldraine still reeling from the effects of that conflict. A massive  enchantment known as the Wicked Slumber (you may insert a Boston accent or not as you choose) lulled the Phyrexian forces to sleep, allowing the denizens of the plane to prevail — but the Slumber still lingers and is starting to affect everyone. 

Talion, the Fae Lord of Eldraine, teamed up with three witch sisters to start the Slumber, but it has grown out of his control. And now, another fae named Kellan must quest to end the curse. 

Will and Rowan Kenrith are dealing with losing both their sparks and their parents while figuring out how to lead the kingdom. However, each has a different idea of how that should go. And where there is troubled sleep, the mysterious Ashiok is sure to follow… 


Here are the important dates to know regarding WOE: 

  • Wilds of Eldraine Story: Aug. 8–14 
  • Card Kingdom’s Presale Begins: Aug. 9 
  • Debut and Previews Begin: Aug. 15 
  • Card Image Gallery Complete: Aug. 25 
  • Loading Ready Run’s Pre-Prerelease: Aug. 26 
  • Streamer Event on MTG Arena (formerly Early Access): Aug. 31 
  • Command Zone’s Game Knights Wilds of Eldraine Commander Gameplay: Sept. 6 
  • Prerelease at Your Local Game Store: Sept. 1 
  • MTG Arena Release: Sept. 5 
  • Global Tabletop Launch (Including Starter Kit): Sept. 8 
  • WPN Game Store Open House: Sept. 8–10 
  • MagicCon: Las Vegas and Magic World Championship XXIX: Sept. 22–24 
  • WPN Store Championships: Sept. 30–Oct. 8 
  • Alchemy: Wilds of Eldraine Release: Oct.10 

The Set 

Wilds of Eldraine will be available in all the usual products. First up, we have Draft, Set and Collector Boosters and Boxes. 

There will also be two, 100-card Commander decks coming out with the set. Each deck will have 10 new-to-Magic cards, two legendary foil cards and a Collector Booster Sample Pack. The blue/black deck is called Fae Dominion while the white/green one is

As for the cards and mechanics, we know we’re in an era of only one Planeswalker per set, and this one gets a brand-new version of Ashiok: 

Ashiok, Wicked Manipulator
Ashiok, Wicked Manipulator

We also know that Adventure will be making a return as a set mechanic:

Cruel Somnophage

And while not a mechanic thematically tied only to Eldraine, a cycle of creature lands will be popping up in the set:

Restless Fortress
Restless Fortress

Booster Fun and Promos 

Basic lands get a special full-art showcase treatment in WOE, and they look gorgeous:  

The storybook frame will be returning from Throne of Eldraine as an alternative art border found on Adventure cards: 

Cruel Somnophage
Cruel Somnophage

Borderless treatments return as well, with at least Ashiok, Talion and Restless Fortress getting special alternate art borderless versions:  

Extended art borders also make a return: 

Moonshaker Cavalry
Moonshaker Cavalry

As for Promos, we don’t know too much yet. Sleight of Hand will be the FNM Promo, and we know there’s a special textless version of Moonshaker Cavalry that will be a promo for upcoming store championships:

Additionally, much like Strixhaven’s Mystical Archive and The Brothers’ War Retro Artifacts, Wilds of Eldraine will feature Enchanting Tales. This is a selection of non-Standard legal enchantments from across Magic’s history, which can be found in all varieties of booster packs.  

End Step 

Card Kingdom’s presale for Wilds of Eldraine is live now, at least for sealed products. Once official card previews start on Aug. 15, we’ll have singles up for preorder shortly thereafter. That way you can get your hands on all the WOE you want as soon as the set releases!