Preparing for MTG tournaments

A Winner’s MTG Mentality: Preparing for Tournaments

Michael Rapp Modern, Pioneer, Standard, Strategy

As the Regional Championship Qualifier season gets into full swing, many people will be playing in more competitive MTG tournaments than they have in a long time. As players return to paper Magic, it is important that they come back with the right mentality. Like anything else in life that involves competition, if you want to win, you’ll need to …

Expressive Iteration’s domination of Magic formats

Mason Clark Legacy, Modern, Pioneer, Standard

Expressive Iteration is in every top deck in every format it’s legal in. If you go and check the data, Standard, Modern and Legacy are all run by the best card draw spell printed since Treasure Cruise. Pioneer, a format where Treasure Cruise is legal, recently banned Expressive Iteration. So, how is this little uncommon that didn’t even get noticed …

MTGA decks

Off the beaten path: 10 decks to mix up MTGA

David Garcia Alchemy, Historic, Standard, Strategy

Sometimes playing Magic: The Gathering can feel like facing the same decks repeatedly when formats grow stale. This, however, is an inevitable part of the game. There will always be some best deck that performs better than the competition. Pros and other players familiar with each format call these the “tier 1 decks.” These decks then inevitably become more popular …