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Zendikar Rising is here, and there’s plenty to be excited about. As we return to Zendikar for the third time, we get to experience many of our favorite things about the plane: land-based mechanics, full-art lands, and even Expeditions!

If you’re looking for all the info on Zendikar Rising, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve gathered everything you need to know about Zendikar Rising‘s story and release, including the unique products you’ll find in this set.


The Eldrazi may be gone, but they’re not forgotten.
Zendikar Rising art shared by Wizards of the Coast at Comic-Con at Home.

Zendikar Rising will be Magic‘s third visit to the plane of Zendikar. We first encountered this world of adventure and intrigue in 2009’s ZendikarMagic‘s first set that revolved around lands. Zendikar is one of the most mana-rich lands in the Multiverse, and the set included several important milestones: land-based mechanics like landfall, the completion of the fetch land cycle introduced in Onslaught, and the inclusion of full-art basic lands in a major expansion set.

But the perilous world of Zendikar proved to be far deadlier than we realized. At the end of original Zendikar block, a monster race called the Eldrazi, who had been imprisoned on Zendikar, escaped from captivity and ravaged the plane. These colorless creatures are among the most fearsome in all of Magic‘s history, and it would take a super-team of Planeswalkers to eradicate them from Zendikar.

In 2015’s Battle for Zendikar, four Planeswalkers — Gideon Jura, Jace Beleren, Chandra Nalaar and Nissa Revane — join forces to fight the Eldrazi. They succeed in their quest and form the Gatewatch: a peacekeeping force sworn to defend the Multiverse. Thanks to their efforts, Zendikar can rebuild — but, as Wizards has hinted, the Eldrazi have left an indelible impression on the plane.

Here’s a full rundown of the Zendikar Rising story:


Zendikar Rising features products for all kinds of Magic players, including a new type of booster pack. Here’s a rundown of all the Zendikar Rising products you’ll find at CardKingdom.com.

Draft Boosters

Zendikar Rising Draft Boosters offer a classic Magic: The Gathering experience. Use these 15-card packs for drafting or open them to see what surprises they contain! Available individually or in 36-pack booster boxes.

Bundles (Sold Out!)

Start building your Magic collection with a Bundle! These compact boxes include ten Zendikar Rising Draft Boosters, a special promo card, a spindown life counter, and enough basic lands to fill your decks. The box is useful for storing decks, too!

Theme Boosters

Kick-start your next deck with a Zendikar Rising Theme Booster! Get 35 cards from the new set, all centered around a theme. Available in white, blue, black, red, green, and party, as well as Sets of 6 for just $42.99.

Collector Boosters

If you enjoy collecting cards, try a Collector Booster! Collector Boosters are no ordinary booster packs — they include alternate-art and foil cards that you can use to personalize your decks. Available in 15-card packs of 12-pack booster boxes.

Set Boosters

Zendikar Rising also introduces a new kind of booster pack: Set Boosters. Mark Rosewater broke down the full contents in both his Comic-Con panel and this follow-up article, but here’s a brief overview of what you can expect:

  • 1 art card from Zendikar Rising (81 total)
  • 1 basic land card (can be foil)
  • 6 commons and uncommons that are thematically related
  • 1 showcase or other alt-art card
  • 2 “wildcards” of any rarity
  • 1 rare/mythic rare card
  • 1 foil card
  • 1 token, ad card, or a card from “The List”

“The List” is a collection of 300 cards from Magic‘s history that replace the token or ad card in 25% of Zendikar Rising Set Boosters. Like the contents of Mystery Booster, cards from “The List” will look just like their original printings, with the exception of a Planeswalker symbol in the lower left corner. Check out the full List here!

Commander Decks

Finally, Zendikar Rising features two new Commander decks aimed at new Commander players. Like Ikoria‘s Commander decks, these 100-card precons will be mechanically linked to the set. Each deck includes a brand-new legendary creature, two other new cards designed just for the set, and a host of popular and powerful reprints. If you’re looking for your first Commander deck, you can’t go wrong with one (or two!) of these.

Browse Zendikar Rising Commander Decks!

Full-Art Basic Lands

It wouldn’t be Zendikar without full-art basic lands! Zendikar Rising features these fifteen basics:






You can find full-art lands in Zendikar Rising Draft Boosters, Set Boosters, and Bundles, and foil full-art lands are available in Collector Boosters.

Expedition Box Toppers

Zendikar Rising Draft Booster, Set Booster, and Collector Booster Boxes also contain box toppers: sealed single-card packs containing collectible or exclusive cards. Zendikar Rising‘s box toppers feature the return of Expedition lands: rare and sought-after lands with borderless treatments and alternate art.

You’ll find one non-foil box topper in each Draft Booster and Set Booster Box and TWO non-foil box toppers in each Collector Booster Box. Foil Expeditions are only available in Collector Booster Packs.

There are 30 Zendikar Rising Expeditions in all:

More Spoilers

Of course, the Expeditions aren’t the only exciting cards awaiting us in Zendikar Rising! Check out some of the most exciting cards in the set.

Akiri, Fearless Voyager

The kor Akiri first appeared as one of the partner commanders in Commander 2016. This is their first appearance in a Zendikar set, and they’re an excellent fit for a red-white equipment-focused deck.

Angel of Destiny

Angel of Destiny is one of the most fascinating card designs we’ve seen in Zendikar Rising so far. Crucially, it doesn’t have to deal combat damage to a player in order to wipe them out — it just has to attack. If you can make copies of this creature, you might be able to win big in Commander.

Archpriest of Iona

This hasn’t been a great year for aggressive one-mana creatures in Standard, but the tide may soon be changing. Zendikar Rising brings us a 1/2 on its own that can become a 5/3 flyer with the right support. Keep an eye on Archpriest of Iona in the coming months.

Bloodchief’s Thirst

When you’re looking for a removal spell, flexibility is key. One mana isn’t much to ask for a spell that destroys a relatively small threat; four mana is a decent rate for a spell with near-universal applications.

Charix, the Raging Isle

An 0/17 seems relatively harmless, unless it’s in a particularly crabby mood. Charix can easily rumble into the red zone and emerge unscathed — or mill your opponents in a Phenax Commander deck!

Crawling Barrens

Zendikar is restless, and sometimes the land needs to rise up and fight for itself. Crawling Barrens is a flexible, multipurpose card that may just allow you to claw (or crawl) your way back into a game.

Drana, the Last Bloodchief

The vampire Drana has played several different roles on Zendikar. In Rise of the Eldrazi, she was known for draining other creatures’ lifeblood; in Battle for Zendikar, she was one of the most aggressive attackers. Nowadays, she’s much more interested in bringing creatures back from the dead, and we’re totally here for it. We can’t wait to see what havoc Drana, the Last Bloodchief can wreak in Brawl and Commander.

Jace, Mirror Mage

In original Zendikar block, Jace, the Mind Sculptor became the first Planeswalker with four abilities. Zendikar Rising‘s Jace, Mirror Mage represents a new milestone: the first Planeswalker with kicker! With two copies of Jace on your side, you can churn through your deck and find the cards you need.

Kargan Intimidator

“Cowards can’t block Warriors” is one of the longest-standing in-jokes in Magic: The Gathering design. Thanks to Kargan Intimidator and a host of new cards for the warrior class, you may just get to see this scenario in Standard soon.

Legion Angel

White creatures have been adept at rallying other copies of themselves since the days of Squadron Hawk. Legion Angel does this well, while foiling spells that remove all copies of a card from your deck.

Leyline Tyrant

Some dragons hoard treasure and trinkets; Leyline Tyrant hoards red mana. Use any unspent mana to fuel valuable spells later on — or deal tremendous amounts of damage to any opponent who dares destroy the Tyrant!

Linvala, Shield of Sea Gate

The angel Linvala has reappeared each time we’ve traveled back to Zendikar, and this time, she gets a new color! If you’re looking for a commander for a blue-white creature-based deck, Linvala, Shield of Sea Gate may fit the bill.

Lotus Cobra

Lotus Cobra is the first reprint we’ve seen from a previous Zendikar set. This sneaky snake will allow you to generate tons of mana each turn; it’ll be a good accomplice for Uro in Standard, Historic, and Pioneer.

Moraug, Fury of Akoum

If you’re a fan of extra combat phases, do we have the card for you! Moraug is a great fit for a creature-focused Commander or Brawl deck, and that warrior subtype might prove to be relevant, too.

Nahiri, Heir of the Ancients

Nahiri Planeswalker cards have been focused on equipment in the past, and Heir of the Ancients is no exception. With three loyalty abilities you can activate the turn she enters play, Nahiri can find your best equipment cards, generate creatures to carry them, and control the board so you can get through the red zone.

Nissa of Shadowed Boughs

Nissa of Shadowed Boughs is the third Planeswalker to join the squad on Zendikar. Like Jace, she has a keyword ability — landfall — that allows her to gain additional loyalty, as well as two activated abilities. While Nissa hasn’t always been mono-green, this is the first time the color black has appeared in her mana cost.

Omnath, Locus of Creation

In his Comic-Con Online panel, Mark Rosewater hinted that a legendary creature would return with a new color identity in Zendikar Rising. Turns out it’s Omnath! This beloved elemental is back and ready to helm your next Commander deck.

Ondu Inversion (Card Kingdom Preview)

Thanks to Wizards of the Coast for sending us a free preview card for Zendikar Rising! Ondu Inversion is a modal double-faced card that can provide mana or destroy everything in your path.

Orah, Skyclave Hierophant

Cleric Tribal, anyone? Whether he’s commanding the team or providing backup, Orah seems like a great fit for a class-focused Brawl or Commander deck.

Relic Robber

Some goblins from Zendikar deal damage quickly. Others, like Relic Robber, prefer to take their time. It may not look that threatening, but Relic Robber will steal more life points than you’d expect.

Roiling Vortex

Roiling Vortex is an interesting new take on the classic red enchantment Sulfuric Vortex. While it deals less damage to players each turn, Roiling Vortex will punish any opponent who casts a spell without paying its mana cost.

Ruin Crab

If you enjoyed playing with Hedron Crab in original Zendikar block, Ruin Crab will be right up your alley. Zendikar Rising has plenty of aggressive creatures, by the looks of things, so Ruin Crab‘s extra point of toughness may be relevant.

Scourge of the Skyclaves

Move over, Death’s Shadow! Scourge of the Skyclaves benefits the most when both players’ life totals go down, so it’ll be right at home in formats like Modern, where it’s common to take damage from lands.

Sea Gate Stormcaller

Sea Gate Stormcaller has caused quite a stir in the competitive community and might be the most polarizing card we’ve seen all preview season. It has a decent enough floor, but we’re excited to test it out and see how high the ceiling goes.

Skyclave Apparition

Skyclave Apparition is the latest “conditional exile” effect that white has received in recent years, and it’s a powerful one. It’s also a spirit, which makes it a potential inclusion in tribal Spirits decks.

Soul Shatter

So long, Ugin! This instant will send Planeswalkers packing, even if your permanents gain protective abilities like hexproof.

Swarm Shambler

Black and Green seem to have a +1/+1 counters theme in Zendikar Rising, and Swarm Shambler will fit right in. This unsuspecting fungus can grow out of control, and if it dies, you’ll still get an insect token for your trouble.

Taborax, Hope’s Demise

Abandon all hope, all ye who enter. Taborax has the potential to be a truly terrifying creature, and it seems like an excellent addition to an Aristocrats-style deck.

Tajuru Paragon

Need to fill out your party? You will soon with Tajuru Paragon! Between its static and kicker abilities, you should be able to add at least two classes to your party in no time.

Tazri, Beacon of Unity

In Oath of the Gatewatch, General Tazri was one of the strongest supporters of the ally creature type. These days, she’s still fighting for her allies, but she’s also working to bring a diverse party together. If you play your cards right, she’ll also cost just a single white mana, which is great when you’re dealing with potential commander taxes.

Valakut Awakening

Sometimes, you need more mana sources to cast your spells; sometimes, you have all the mana you need and nothing to do with it. Valakut Awakening splits the difference and is one of the best examples of a modal card that will help make decks more consistent.

Zareth San, the Trickster

This tricky creature basically has ninjutsu, but for rogues! Put Zareth San into play and it’ll bring the best card in your opponent’s graveyard along with it.

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