Forgotten Realms Commander Upgrade Guide: Dungeons of Death

Tom Anderson Commander

I’ve often said in my articles here that Commander is the perfect marriage between Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering. So I’m very happy that with Magic finally getting an official D&D crossover set, WotC made sure to extend that experience into the game’s premier multiplayer format. The four precons available with Adventures in Forgotten Realms are each commanded …

card kingdom partners with TopDecked

Card Kingdom Partners with TopDecked

Tom Anderson Community

When Card Kingdom asked me if I’d like to write about the TopDecked app this week, I was mostly excited about putting another Magic tool to the test. As someone who’s spent a lot of time thinking about the game and hoarding huge stacks of cards, I’ve been through a ton of different apps and websites since my first Gatherer …

New mechanic Spotlight

MTG Mechanic Spotlight: Venture and Dungeons

Tom Anderson Strategy

Normally, this is where I’d be crowing over WotC confirming my predictions article – but I don’t think anybody’s impressed that I guessed the “Dungeons & Dragons set” would have dungeons in it! People searching for information about Adventures in the Forgotten Realms are going to expect two things, and since Dragons show up in every Magic product, the dungeons …

Magics Love Hate Relationship Stax Cards

Magic’s Love/Hate Relationship with Stax

Tom Anderson Community, Design

Just a few weeks ago, the Magic community was excited by the spoilers from Modern Horizons 2, one of the deepest and most powerful sets of all time. We were getting huge blasts of fresh and exciting design space every few hours. There was a planeswalker you can target with Green Sun’s Zenith or Unearth, new pitch spells that you …

Modern Horizons 2 Draft Archetypes

Modern Horizons 2 Draft Archetypes

Tom Anderson Limited

The glamorous and much-discussed new Modern Horizons 2 is out in the wild this week, and players have rushed to celebrate its high-powered and exciting draft environment.  The special charm of these Modern Horizons sets comes from WotC’s stated willingness to put aside many of their self-imposed rules for set design. By unleashing their wildest and most challenging card ideas …

MH2 Promises a “Fair Deck Summer” for Modern

Tom Anderson Modern

Spoiler season for Modern Horizons 2 is like none other in Magic history — save perhaps for the original Modern Horizons. Since every card is explicitly designed for the Modern format, even the commons often require close examination for their potential metagame impact – if not in Modern itself or Legacy, then in Commander or Pauper. No other sets in …