Combo Crash Course: Cephalid Breakfast

Combo Crash-Course: Cephalid Breakfast

Tom Anderson Legacy, Strategy

This week’s combo breakdown tackles one of the longest-lived archetypes in Magic history — and one of its weirdest names (and there’s some stiff competition for that crown). It’s almost always combo decks that garner the most esoteric monikers among the community.  I blame the need to find distinct shorthand references for tons of specific strategies combined with their creators’ …

Combo Crash Course: Heliod’s Company

Tom Anderson Strategy

Out of all the classic card effects in Magic, lifegain might get the least respect. And though it pains me to say it…with good reason. The problem with expending cards and mana to gain life – especially if that’s the only thing you’re doing – is that lifegain alone will never win the game for you, so all you’re doing …

Combo Crash Course Dark Depths

Combo Crash Course: Dark Depths

Tom Anderson Strategy

Welcome back to Combo Crash Course, our semi-regular exploration of Magic’s greatest combo decks. This week, we’re kicking things up a notch in the power department. While previously, we’ve spent some time with famous combo decks from Standard, Historic and Modern, this will be our first time delving into the explosive combo potential of eternal formats like Legacy, Vintage, and …

Combo Heartbeat of Spring

Combo Crash Course: Heartbeat of Spring

Tom Anderson Strategy

Welcome back to Combo Crash Course, our semi-regular exploration of Magic’s greatest combo decks. In the first few installments of this series, we’ve shown off a variety of different approaches to combo, and today we’re adding another one: what I call a “non-deterministic” combo game plan. We say a player has “a deterministic kill” when their deck has passed the …

Combo Crash Course Cat Oven

Combo Crash Course: Cat-Oven

Tom Anderson Strategy

The title of this series may be Combo Crash Course, but not all famous card combinations lead to the gameplay we would expect out of a “combo deck”. Combo decks are typically defined by their focus on building toward one explosive turn, often winning on the spot once their combo conditions are reached. That’s certainly the case for Splinter Twin …

Combo Living End

Combo Crash Course: Living End

Tom Anderson Design

Thanks for joining me for another Combo Crash Course, where we explain Magic’s most notorious combo decks. If you’ve always wanted to know more about legendary decks like Splinter Twin, but didn’t know where to ask, this is the place to be. Today’s subject is a decidedly modern example of graveyard combo. Not only because this deck has been part …

combo crash course

Combo Crash Course: Splinter Twin

Tom Anderson Community

For many Magic players, combo decks offer the most exciting and interesting way to play the game. They appeal to us on many levels: the cheeky thrill of “getting away with something”, the intellectual satisfaction of winning at one stroke, as though cutting the Gordian knot. Combos also embody the creativity and discovery inherent to CCGs, giving players the chance …