Modern Decks, Now with Preordain

Modern Decks, Now with Preordain!

Mason ClarkModern

Modern had had a week for people to settle into the Preordain unban and explore the format. While it will take more time to figure out the full ramifications, we can take a look at a few decks and get ready for the new Regional Championship Qualifier season that is starting in a week.¬† Jund saga¬† Scam (or Rakdos Evoke) …

Banned and Restricted Update 2023

Banned and Restricted Update: August 2023

Mason ClarkLegacy, Modern, Pioneer

This week, Wizards of the Coast announced their last Banned and Restricted update before switching to a new, yearly cadence in October. But while conversation in the community was blowing up about targets for Modern and Pioneer, every possible option escaped the hammer. Instead, Wizards of the Coast actually unbanned two cards, one in Modern and one in Legacy. The …