Breaking news and Special Guests Reprint Roundup

Breaking News & Special Guests | Outlaws Reprint Roundup

Kristen GregoryCommander

Outlaws of Thunder Junction releases on April 19, and with it come a whole host of splashy reprints sure to put the yee in your haw. OTJ has three bonus sheets filled with spicy cards, and two of them – Breaking News, and Special Guests – contain smashing reprints.  The other, Big Score, contains cards originally destined for an Aftermath …

Dominaria Remastered has the Commander Reprints You Asked For

So Dominaria Remastered Has The Commander Reprints You Asked For

Kristen GregoryCommander

Dominaria Remastered features staple Commander cards for competitive and casual alike, and some truly breathtaking new artwork — all packaged in an enticing draft environment. Kristen has the Commander highlights to consider. You Wanna Be a Master of Magic? There are some effects considered to be among the most powerful in all of Magic, and free spells probably top the …