About the Academic – an Interview with the Professor

Tom AndersonCommunity, Products

When the Professor launched his first ever Kickstarter campaign last week, he was ready for a long, busy day monitoring progress and putting out fires. Instead, he found himself “watching a movie of someone else running a successful Kickstarter”, as his next-generation TCG deckbox attracted over $1 million in pledges in 12 hours!  With three weeks still to go in …

It’s All Academic: The Professor’s Deck Box Blockbuster

Card KingdomCommunity, Products

If there was any doubt that Magic: The Gathering is more popular than ever, we have to look no further than the roaring success of The Academic. Less than 20 minutes after the launch of the Kickstarter, the project was fully funded. And as of writing this, 15,000 people have pledged more than $825,000. While this is a huge success for The Profession and Tolarian Community College, it is equally a success for the Magic community.