Four Color Modern Decks Post Yorion ban

Four Color Modern Decks Post Yorion Ban

Mason ClarkModern

This Monday, a key, Modern player suffered a ban in the latest Banned and Restricted announcement: Yorion the Sky Nomad.  This is both a huge shake up for Modern while also keeping the rules of engagement relatively the same. Often, when a big ban shakes up the format, the cards you’re trying to beat and the removal you’re trying to …

3 Decks to Beat Four-Color Yorion

Michael RappModern

It is no secret that since the banning of Lurrus of the Dream-Den, Four-Color Yorion has carved out its spot as the best deck in Modern. Yes, yes, I know the metagame percentage of Izzet Murktide, but Four-Color has an artificially low play rate due to its high price on Magic Online. Tournament data suggests that Four-Color Yorion performs much …