Top Modern Decks to Win Your Regional Championship Qualifier With

Mason Clark Modern

Modern has so many decks, so how are you supposed to know which to play for your next Regional Championship Qualifier? Well, I have you covered. I’m going to cover a few decks today that I think are great choices to win your next event (note that just because your deck didn’t make it on this short list doesn’t mean …

Innovation in Modern

Michael Rapp Modern

Last week I spoke about how desperation breeds creativity, and as Modern adapts to the changes brought on by The Lord of the Rings, this has proven to be true. Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed some interesting new innovation in existing Modern decks, and even new decks all together put up strong tournament results.  So much of competitive …

The Lord of the Rings Updated Decks for Modern

The Lord of the Rings Tales of Middle-earth Updated Decks for Modern

Mason Clark Modern

The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth is just one week away, which means it’s time to get to brewing decks for Modern! As an incredibly wide format, this set offers many powerful options to build around and opportunities to improve existing archetypes.  Mono White Legends  White Aggro has been a staple of lower power formats for years. Looking …