Wizards Clarifies Rules Text of Two Crimson Vow Cards

Wizards Clarifies Rules Text of Two Crimson Vow Cards

Tom AndersonCommunity

Shortly after eagle-eyed players spotted some discrepancies in the Crimson Vow Commander card spoilers, WotC has clarified the correct rules, including some rare day-zero card errata. 

The new partner commander option Kamber, the Plunderer was previewed with two conflicting versions of its triggered ability. We now know that the “whenever a creature an opponent controls dies” version, shown on the extended art preview image, is correct.

The two preview images show different rules text. The preview on the left has the correct rules text; WotC has indicated the printed text will be correct on both versions.

This error seems to have been caught before the card was sent to print; Wizards confirmed yesterday that “the printed card in the Crimson Vow Commander decks has the correct rules text.” However, inaccurate card text does sneak into packs from time to time. Recent examples include M20’s Corpse Knight, which appeared in Prerelease Pack runs as a 2/3 creature instead of the intended 2/2. There was also the case of Ixalan rare Hostage Taker, which was printed with the ability to target itself with its exiling ability and create a one-card infinite loop. 

Crimson Vow’s Vampires are proving to be a particularly challenging bunch. Kamber is now the second card from the set requiring rules text clarification. Standard Crimson Vow rare Bloodvial Purveyor seems to have been printed with incomplete rules text, which is reflected in its preview images. Mark Rosewater has announced that the correct/errata’d version only gains the power bonus from opposing Blood tokens “until end of turn.”

You can get your hands on both of these cards when Innistrad: Crimson Vow and the accompanying Crimson Vow Commander decks go on sale on November 19th. Preorder them now from Card Kingdom!