Jumpstart 2022 Bottom-up Commander

Jumpstart 2022: Bottom-Up Commander Design

Tom Anderson Commander

I don’t always have the energy to keep up with the flow of new spoilers from day to day, but I definitely made an exception for Jumpstart 2022. Not only do I look forward to the normal Jumpstart 2022 experience, but this sort of product represents a unique, creative opportunity for the team at Wizards of the Coast regarding Commander …

Urza's Iron Alliance Commander Precon Upgrade Guide

Urza’s Iron Alliance Commander Precon Upgrade Guide

Tom Anderson Commander

Commander is a more powerful, established format these days, and the average deck is simply much stronger than it was in the early years of Commander precons. While that may have pushed designers in the past to keep pace, The Brothers’ War features the perfect, powerful character from Magic’s 30-year history to lean on: Urza. And while Urza’s Iron Alliance …

The Brothers' War Draft Guide

The Brothers’ War: Draft Guide

Tom Anderson Limited, Strategy

With The Brothers’ War returning to a traditional, simultaneous Arena and physical release schedule, Draft lovers get to spend a little more time with the full spoiler before jumping into the trenches.  That’s just as well, since this set is very unique in many fundamental aspects. Wizards has leaned into the epic, world-spanning scale of their story. Every color is …

Jumpstart Restarted

Jumpstart 2022: Jumpstart Restarted

Tom Anderson Products, Standard

During last week’s WeeklyMTG video, Wizards of the Coast Communications Director Blake Rasmussen confirmed Jumpstart 2022 will be out on Dec. 2 after being announced waaay back in August 2021. We’ll finally get a deserving sequel to Magic’s best new idea since Commander precons. A FRESH START Jumpstart 2022 signals a return to the strongest points of the original concept. …

Fringe Format: 7-point highlander

Fringe Format: 7-Point Highlander

Tom Anderson Commander, Legacy

Despite the online grumbling, Eternal Magic is a lot of fun! With the widest pool of cards legal to play, you can sleeve up the idealized version of your favorite strategy from the game’s entire 30-year history and take on the world. Of course, while sitting down to play doesn’t always work out quite as advertised, the 7-Point Highlander format …

Magic's Biggest Boogeymen

Magic’s 13 Biggest Boogeymen

Tom Anderson Commander, Legacy, Modern, Standard

As a game with plenty of dark, fantasy roots, Magic has overlapped plenty with Halloween. Just look at how often we return to Innistrad, or Innistrad: Double Feature’s attempt to evoke that classic monster movie vibe. But despite our familiarity with ghouls and ghosts, demons and devils, vampires and Vorstclaws, Magic still holds certain horrors which can frighten the sleeves …

Universes Beyond brings Transformers to The Brothers’ War

Tom Anderson Commander, Design, Products

Wizards made an announcement on Friday which will completely transform how their Universes Beyond designs fit into the wider hobby. They announced that Set and Collectors Boosters for The Brothers’ War will be… more than meets the eye with the addition of Transformers. Yes, after dancing around the idea for years, tournament legal Transformers cards are finally going to be …

Which classic Un-cards could be eternal legal?

Which classic Un-cards could be eternal legal?

Tom Anderson Commander, Legacy

UNFINITY is really capturing the attention of the player base at the moment, though it seems to be extremely polarizing. Its detractors have been critical of the set’s mixed-legality, as UNFINITY marks the first time an Un-set has contributed new cards to the Eternal legal card pool of Magic. However, is this really such a big change in philosophy? The …

Necron Dynasties Precon Upgrade Guide

Necron Dynasties Precon Upgrade Guide

Tom Anderson Commander, Strategy

This week’s new Commander decks mark two big “firsts” for Magic: The Gathering: the first full precons released under the Universes Beyond product line and the first official crossover between Magic and Warhammer 40,000 — two of the oldest and most important franchises in tabletop games. Today, we’re here to help you upgrade the Necron Dynasties precon. Born out of …