What IS Convert?!

Convert – MTG Mechanics Explained

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All right, this is tricky. Ready? Convert is exactly the same as Transform. Exactly, in every way. This is purely a cosmetic change for trademark reasons. On all packaging and written material, Hasbro (who owns both Transformers and Magic) calls the act of a Transformer changing its form “converting” so as not to confuse the act with the brand name. …

What IS More Than Meets the Eye?!

More Than Meets the Eye – MTG Mechanics Explained

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Outside of the aptly named Modal Double-Faced Cards, when you cast a double faced card you have to cast the “face-up” side of the card, and then the card will have some kind of mechanic involved that will later let you use the other side of the card in one way or another. The Transformers Universes Beyond cards have a …

What IS Doctor's Companion?!

Doctor’s Companion – MTG Mechanics Explained

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Doctor’s Companion is from the Doctor Who Universes Beyond Commander Decks, and is a very Commander-centric mechanic. Appearing on select Legendary creatures, if one of them is your Commander, Doctor’s Companion allows you to have two Commanders as long as the other creature is the Doctor. Each iteration of the Doctor has Doctor on their type line, as well as …

What is Living Metal

Living Metal – MTG Mechanics Explained

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Ready for Living Metal? It’s pretty quick, so pay attention. Living Metal is a static ability that appears on the Vehicle side of Transformers Universes Beyond cards. On your turn, a vehicle you control with this mechanic is an artifact creature in addition to its other types. That means it doesn’t need to be crewed to act as a creature …

What IS Visit?!

Visit – MTG Mechanics Explained

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Visit is an an ability from Unfinity, and is linked to another keyword action, “Roll to Visit your Attractions.” Given that this is an Un-set mechanic, it’s going to be a little weird, but it’s not too bad, but there’s a bit of ground to cover to get there. Some cards or effects from Unfinity will have you Open an …

Modern Tier List, September 2023

Modern Tier List September 2023 Update

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Welcome back for yet another Modern tier list update, this time for the beginning of the Modern RCQ season. Whether you’re joining us as a new player jumping into Modern, or a returning player who just wants to brush up on how the metagame may have changed since the last time you played Modern, hopefully you’ll take something away from …

What IS Space Sculptor?!

Space Sculptor – MTG Mechanics Explained

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All right. Look. This mechanic appears on one card, and is incredibly unlikely to ever show up again except on possible reprints of that one card, so this is getting covered purely for the sake of completion. So, with that out of the way: Space Sculptor appears on the Planeswalker Space Beleren from Unfinity. Once Space Beleren is on the …

What IS Bargain?!

Bargain – MTG Mechanics Explained

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A cousin to mechanics like Offering, Casualty, Devour, and Exploit, Bargain is an additional cost that could theoretically be attached to any nonland card type. As you cast a card with Bargain, you may sacrifice an artifact, enchantment, or token, and if you do…something extra will happen, but that is exactly is going to depend on the card. That’s the …

What ARE Roles?!

Roles – MTG Mechanics Explained

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Role tokens, new to Wilds of Eldraine, are seven predefined tokens, each one of which is an Aura that enchants a creature. Six of the roles appear in the main set of WOE, with the final one coming from the Commander decks linked to the set. The seven roles are: A creature can only have one Role that is controlled …

What IS Squad?!

Squad – MTG Mechanics Explained

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Squad is a keyword that appears on creatures, will always be written with a number next to it, and represents two abilities. First, when you cast a creature with the mechanic, as an additional cost, you may pay the Squad cost (that number written next to it) as many times as you like. Then, when the creature enters the battlefield, …