Why you shouldn't upgrade your Commander Deck

Why You Shouldn’t Upgrade Your Commander Deck

Kristen Gregory Commander, Strategy

It’s normal to want to upgrade your Commander decks over time. But is it really necessary? Kristen evaluates the process and offers an alternative. There are three* main aspects to engaging with Commander as a format: Deckbuilding, Gameplay and Upgrading your deck. We cover Deckbuilding and Gameplay quite often here at Card Kingdom, as do many creative Commander players across …

Overload – MTG Keywords Explained

Card Kingdom Strategy

Overload exists on instants and sorceries, and is actually two static abilities. The first says that as you go to cast the spell, you may instead pay the overload cost. The second says that if you do that, you then replace all instances of the word “target” on the card with “each.” If don’t pay the overload cost, the spell …

Modern Tier list: September 2022

Modern Tier List: Sept. 2022

Michael Rapp Modern, Strategy

Modern Tier List: September 2022 Welcome back for the September 2022 edition of Card Kingdom’s Modern Tier List! In September, we have all of the normal MTGO challenges, a Modern Showcase on MTGO and the Grand Open Qualifier in Paris.  Dominaria United has settled in now, and we’re beginning to see Modern shift along with those new additions. This has …

Necron Dynasties Precon Upgrade Guide

Necron Dynasties Precon Upgrade Guide

Tom Anderson Commander, Strategy

This week’s new Commander decks mark two big “firsts” for Magic: The Gathering: the first full precons released under the Universes Beyond product line and the first official crossover between Magic and Warhammer 40,000 — two of the oldest and most important franchises in tabletop games. Today, we’re here to help you upgrade the Necron Dynasties precon. Born out of …

Soulbond – MTG Keywords Explained

Card Kingdom Strategy

There’s a lot here, so let’s get to it. First, soulbond is actually two triggered abilities; the first triggers as the creature with it enters the battlefield, and states that you may pair it with another unpaired creature you control – more on that in a minute. The second states that whenever another creature enters the battlefield under your control, …

Dominaria United Drafting by Numbers

Dominaria United: Draft by Numbers

Tom Anderson Limited, Strategy

Welcome back to the second, more scientific section of our Dominaria United draft guide!  With a bit more time and a lot more data under our belts since the format’s release, Limited players can now supplement natural intuition and personal judgment with statistical insights on how to consistently find a winning deck. Using large online datasets for this sort of …

Fringe Modern Decks Post Dominaria United

Fringe Decks Crushing Modern Post Dominaria United

Mason Clark Modern, Strategy

Modern was in the middle of a staleness problem before Dominaria United. While the top end of the metagame has looked relatively the same for almost a year now, players have made innovations and sideboard plans to at least keep the games interesting. But from a diversity standpoint, things have been incredibly lacking. However, this past weekend’s Magic Online challenges …

Sisay, Weatherlight Captain post Dominaria United in Commander

Upgrading Sisay, Weatherlight Captain | Dominaria United Commander

Kristen Gregory Commander, Strategy

Kristen brings us an update on everyone’s favorite Dominarian hero, Captain Sisay, with a rundown of the exciting Commander upgrades Sisay, Weatherlight Captain has received from Dominaria United and other recent sets.  Sisay, Weatherlight Captain Among the five color Commanders, Sisay is popular for a reason: she can helm a versatile deck full of your favorite cards, she can be …

Read Ahead – MTG Keywords Explained

Card Kingdom Strategy

Read Ahead is a mechanic that appears only on Sagas. Sagas normally get a lore counter when they enter the battlefield, and then another lore counter at the beginning of your precombat main phase, triggering the appropriate chapter each time. Once it has as many lore counters as it does chapters and the final chapter trigger resolves, the Saga gets …