MTG Predictions for 2024

5 MTG Predictions for 2024

Tom AndersonDesign

Happy New Year everyone! We’ve officially made it through the cleanup phase of 2023, and it’s time to start stacking upkeep triggers for 2024. There’s always that wave of annual diligence and new-year rituals to observe in these first few weeks of January, not least of which is casting our minds forward to try and predict what the next 12 …

The 2024 Commander Wishlist

The 2024 Commander Wishlist

Kristen GregoryCommander

2024 is almost here, and I’m here to manifest what I’d like to see for the format going forward. This wishlist is in some ways personal, but it also stems from my observations of the format and what dials could do with tweaking. GOAD HATEBEAR I’ve genuinely had enough of Goad, and I would be less cold on it if …