Top Combat Tricks for Every Situation in Commander

The Top Combat Tricks for Every Situation in Commander

Tom Anderson Commander

What makes a particular combat trick special? Must it create a blowout or just maximize the efficiency these cards are known for? Or is a great combat trick one that exceeds our expectations, generating additional resources or utility beyond its combat application? These questions make it difficult to identify the best combat tricks in Commander. One thing you notice trying …

How to win with combat tricks in Commander

How to Win with Combat Tricks in Commander

Tom Anderson Commander, Strategy

Commander is about self-expression; playing with your favorite cards and mechanics with the best possible support from across Magic history. But what if your favorite cards in Commander are combat tricks?  Single-target creature pump spells can be gamewinners in Limited or 1v1 Constructed, but it takes some special effort to help them scale up to the 40 life multiplayer metagame. …