The Five Spookiest Magic Sets for a Halloween Draft

The Five Spookiest Magic Sets for a Halloween Draft

Kristen GregoryLimited

October is “the spooky month,” and what better way to enjoy the season as a Magic player than to get some friends together for a Halloween draft? While you might not have a Halloween themed cube, there are plenty of Magic sets that lean into horror, thrills and general scary vibes. Which options have the best art? Which make for …

Essential Blue Commander Cards

20 Essential Blue Commander Cards

Kristen GregoryCommander

Blue is one of the best control colors in Commander. If you’re looking for some tips on what blue cards will enhance your Commander collection, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our 20 essential blue cards — cards that will be great in any number of blue decks. Blue, more than any color, has an abundance of control and …

Top 20 Mana Rituals in Magic

Top 20 Mana Rituals in Magic

Tom AndersonCommander, Legacy, Modern, Standard

Mana rituals! These distinctive, potent and strategically narrow cards are most often used to accelerate the endgame of combo decks. Perhaps due to that dangerous power, new rituals have become something of a rare sight in recent sets, no longer something Wizards of the Coast’s design team feels needs to feature prominently in Magic. However, they are an elemental building …

Top 10 Showcase art styles in Magic

The Top 10 Showcase Art Styles in Magic

Janel SantaCruz CampbellStandard

Showcase art styles are some of the most flavorful elements of any Magic: The Gathering set since their first appearance in Throne of Eldraine. In March of the Machine, which showcase art treatments are we most excited to see return? As March of the Machine draws near, we’ll soon see heroes across the multiverse of Magic: The Gathering join forces. …

The five best aggro decks in Modern

The Five Best Aggro Decks in Modern

Michael RappModern

Aggression has always been a common play style in Modern, but it has outgrown hyper-linear decks that “try to kill your opponent as fast as possible without interacting” — decks like Burn. That’s why you won’t see the famous archetype on this list of the best Aggro decks in Modern despite the fact that it’s still around and seeing play. …

Top Combat Tricks for Every Situation in Commander

The Top Combat Tricks for Every Situation in Commander

Tom AndersonCommander

What makes a particular combat trick special? Must it create a blowout or just maximize the efficiency these cards are known for? Or is a great combat trick one that exceeds our expectations, generating additional resources or utility beyond its combat application? These questions make it difficult to identify the best combat tricks in Commander. One thing you notice trying …

Essential Red Commander Cards

Top 20 Essential Red Commander Cards

Kristen GregoryCommander

Red is arguably the most fun color to brew with in Commander. Check out our list of 20 Essential Red cards — the tools you’ll appreciate most when brewing any red Commander deck. Red has access to some of the flashiest effects in Commander, and also some of the ones with the highest variance. With access to mana generation, impulse …

10 Planeswalkers who can Party with Commodore Guff

Ten Planeswalkers Who Can Party with Commodore Guff

Janel SantaCruz CampbellCommander

Planeswalker Party is one of the exciting new precons coming with Commander Masters, and Commodore Guff is leading the charge. But the most important part of any shindig is the guest list, so which planeswalkers are worth inviting? With the announcement of Commander Masters, we’ve learned that a certain, vintage planeswalker from the plane of Dominaria will helm a new …

Essential White Commander Cards

Top 20 Essential White Commander Cards

Kristen GregoryCommander, Strategy

If you’re looking to build a white Commander deck, you can’t miss our rundown of 20 essential white cards. These are the most flexible and often best cards in their class, and will fit into pretty much any strategy or archetype. They’re perfect to add to your collection. White is a great color to play with in Commander, and it’s …