Draft Format basics

Magic Draft Format Basics

Dan TrohaLimited, Strategy

Booster Drafts have been one of the most popular ways to play Magic: The Gathering since the game’s inception. Played everywhere from the most casual of kitchen tables all the way to the Magic World Championship, draft is a format that really does have something for everyone. However, it’s not quite as simple as picking up some cards and playing …

MTGA decks

Off the beaten path: 10 decks to mix up MTGA

David GarciaAlchemy, Historic, Standard, Strategy

Sometimes playing Magic: The Gathering can feel like facing the same decks repeatedly when formats grow stale. This, however, is an inevitable part of the game. There will always be some best deck that performs better than the competition. Pros and other players familiar with each format call these the “tier 1 decks.” These decks then inevitably become more popular …