State of Standard: Post Meathook Ban

State of Standard: Post Meathook Ban

Mason ClarkStandard

Wizards of the Coast banned The Meathook Massacre in Standard last week in the company’s first of such actions this year. This has created an interesting wrinkle in the format, since you were either playing Meathook before or trying to invalidate it. While not format breaking, the card acted as a barrier that prevented Standard from having more deck diversity. …

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Off the beaten path: 10 decks to mix up MTGA

David GarciaAlchemy, Historic, Standard, Strategy

Sometimes playing Magic: The Gathering can feel like facing the same decks repeatedly when formats grow stale. This, however, is an inevitable part of the game. There will always be some best deck that performs better than the competition. Pros and other players familiar with each format call these the “tier 1 decks.” These decks then inevitably become more popular …