Essential Equipment Support Commander Cards

20 Essential Equipment Support Commander Cards

Kristen GregoryCommander

We love a good equipment Commander deck, and choosing the right gear for it is one thing — but what about the right support options? What are the best cards that synergize with equipment? Kristen has some suggestions that’ll really whet your stones.  Equipment is great. It buffs your creatures, it’s flavorful and it sticks around for another creature to …

Best Equipment for Commander

The Best Equipment for Commander

Kristen GregoryCommander

Playing and sticking equipment is always super satisfying, but what are the best equipment in Commander? How do you build the ultimate arbiter of justice? Let’s take a look at the answers today. THE BEST EQUIPMENTS ARE FLEXIBLE Before we get onto the list proper, it’s only fair to point out the metric I am judging the best equipment on: …