Commander Decks to Play at Magic Events

Commander Decks to Play at Magic Events

Janel SantaCruz CampbellCommander, Events

Spell Table’s ability to let people play Magic over the internet is a fantastic benefit for the community, but it can be tough to enjoy some Commander archetypes this way. Whether you’re searching an opponent’s library or playing creatures out of their graveyard, it can be hard when opponents are across the screen. That’s why the return of Magic events …

Arena Championship Issues: Assessing the Value of Alchemy

Mason ClarkAlchemy, Events, Standard

This past weekend Wizards of the Coast held a huge tournament: the first Arena Championship. It featured some of the best players in the world — with names like Shōta Yasooka and Sam Rolph — who battled it out for $200,000 dollars in prizes. When looking at the event from the outside, it had everything needed to be a spectacle …