The Five Spookiest Magic Sets for a Halloween Draft

The Five Spookiest Magic Sets for a Halloween Draft

Kristen GregoryLimited

October is “the spooky month,” and what better way to enjoy the season as a Magic player than to get some friends together for a Halloween draft? While you might not have a Halloween themed cube, there are plenty of Magic sets that lean into horror, thrills and general scary vibes. Which options have the best art? Which make for …

Magic's Biggest Boogeymen

Magic’s 13 Biggest Boogeymen

Tom AndersonCommander, Legacy, Modern, Standard

As a game with plenty of dark, fantasy roots, Magic has overlapped plenty with Halloween. Just look at how often we return to Innistrad, or Innistrad: Double Feature’s attempt to evoke that classic monster movie vibe. But despite our familiarity with ghouls and ghosts, demons and devils, vampires and Vorstclaws, Magic still holds certain horrors which can frighten the sleeves …

Top 10 Creepy Magic Cards for Halloween

Card KingdomUncategorized

Halloween is finally here! Time to jump into an Innistrad draft on Magic Online, carve Magic-themed pumpkins with friends, and marvel at some of the game’s most hair-raising pieces of art. We’ve compiled a list of the ten creepiest Magic cards, based on their art and flavor text, and while fear is subjective, we think this list captures the breadth …