Jumpstart 2022 Early look

Jumpstart 2022: An Early Look

Chris CornejoLimited, Products

Jumpstart 2022, the fittingly-named follow up to the original Jumpstart, comes out right quick, releasing on Dec. 2. If you have questions about this supplemental set, which is an entire Limited ecosystem unto itself, we’ve gathered all the information available right here in one place. So without further ado, let’s jump in with the basics.  What is Jumpstart?  You may …

Jumpstart Restarted

Jumpstart 2022: Jumpstart Restarted

Tom AndersonProducts, Standard

During last week’s WeeklyMTG video, Wizards of the Coast Communications Director Blake Rasmussen confirmed Jumpstart 2022 will be out on Dec. 2 after being announced waaay back in August 2021. We’ll finally get a deserving sequel to Magic’s best new idea since Commander precons. A FRESH START Jumpstart 2022 signals a return to the strongest points of the original concept. …

Picking Jumpstart Packs on Arena

Hallie SantoStrategy

Jumpstart has arrived on MTG Arena, and it’s proven to be a fast and fun way for players of all levels to get some games in. For just 2,000 gold or 400 gems, you can jump into a queue, open two packs, and start playing! In the Jumpstart queue, you’ll choose each of your two packs from three possible options. …

The 4 Pillars of Historic

Tom AndersonHistoric

After a rocky start, the Historic format is breathing new life into the MTGA experience. I admit, I was one of the early skeptics, but given the lack of Arena support for Pioneer, WotC seems to be taking Historic seriously as a competitive format, and the player base has responded in kind.  With that in mind, I find it odd …

Tribal Cards to Add to Your Jumpstart Pack

Tom AndersonProducts

Getting into Magic can be a chicken-and-egg situation: you can’t play without a deck, but how do you build a deck without knowing what any cards do? The upcoming Jumpstart set solves this issue in a fun and natural way, meaning this might be the best product ever for teaching new players! Jumpstart gives curious first-timers their titular boost by …