How to beat modern scam

How to Beat Modern Scam

Michael RappModern

The metagame varies greatly at any given Regional Championship Qualifier, but there is one constant: Scam players will be there. The density of this deck may change, but assuming those players are practiced, they’ll likely be floating around the top tables. So today, we’re going to teach you how to beat Modern Scam. Given that, there are two schools of thought …

Playing Rhinos in Modern

Playing Rhinos in Modern

Michael RappModern, Strategy

At the beginning of what I call the New Modern era (Modern Horizons and forward), Rhinos decks centered around cascading into Crashing Footfalls burst onto the scene and remained a top tier deck for some time. But at some point, Modern adjusted and Rhinos fell out of favor — replaced by Living End and Glimpse combo. However, Leyline Binding seems …